Things for 2016!

If you're an avid reader of The Files you knew this post was coming. Every year at the end of the year I choose my Best Of manicures and create a list of things I hope to do/accomplish/etc (resolutions??) during the coming year. I also review the list I made the previous year to see if I actually got anything done. So, let's look at the list I created a year ago shall we?

15 Things for 2015!
  1. Complete at least 10 swatches over the year. Check! I'm happy to say I swatched OPI Bronzed to PerfectionChina Glaze Limbo BimboSally Hansen Strawberry IcingAvon StrawberryRuby Wing PeonyOPI I Eat Maine-ly Lobster, that unnamed Kleancolor polish, Sinful Colors Pink ForeverOPI Flashbulb FuschiaChina Glaze Conga to My Cabana, and China Glaze Second-hand Silk! That's 11 different polishes this past year! Bonus points :)
  2. Update my list of nail polish to reflect some of my new polishes! Done! We're now over 350 polishes!
  3. Wear the same color family for an entire month. Completed! Remember the Parade of Pink from October where I posted various pink polishes throughout the month in honor of breast cancer awareness?
  4. Complete a Friday Favorites post every month. Nope, didn't do this even a little bit :( Maybe I'll be better at it in 2016?? I only had a Friday Favorites post in January and September. I think for 2016 I'll do Wishlist Wednesday instead.
  5. Have a nail design for every major holiday in the US. I don't know what I considered "major holiday" but I'm going to say I didn't do it. I'll try this again in 2016.
  6. Complete my current cross-stitch project. Done! Post here!
  7. Survive the BAR EXAM! Done! Successfully too!
  8. Maybe do a youtube video or tutorial or something. Oh, I actually did do this! I posted a slideshow video of all my 2014 designs
  9. Keep on top of my Toetally Tuesday posts (at least 2 per month). No....maybe this year?
  10. STOP neglecting my blog! I think I did a good job at this during 2015. Of course I had my breaks while I was studying and preparing for the bar, and I think I missed March and April but in my defense I was applying to the bar, studying to graduate, working, participating in law review, and working on an honor society. I was a tad busy. Forgive me??
  11. Use up all my random lotions and potions that are piling up in my bathroom. Nope not even close...but I'm making progress.
  12. Have a guest post here on the files! Haven't chosen someone yet. If you're interested comment below or email me!
  13. Do a giveaway. Not this year...maybe 2016.
  14. Try a new design technique. Probably. I did nail the gradient manicure a couple times!
  15. Review this list and create a 10 Things for 2016! (16 would be ridiculous) Done and done! But I'm making it 6 things for 2016 instead of 10.
For 2016, here are 6 Things I'd Like to Do During 2016:
  1. Swatch at least 10 polishes.
  2. Complete a Valentine's Day, Easter, Anniversary, Birthday, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE manicure.
  3. Complete at least one Wishlist Wednesday OR Friday Favorites each month.
  4. Secure legal employment. 
  5. Make a 101 in 1001 list and make some progress.
  6. Review this list and create a 10 Things for 2017!
If you like these, take a look at my 14 Things for 2014 post. Are you thinking of doing anything in particular during 2016?


  1. You have done well. I never tend to stick to my lists! :-)

    Happy New Year Nikki :-D

    1. I feel like this is the first time I actually did anything on the list! :) Happy New Year to you Ananka!

  2. i remember this kind of post! i enjoy it! my resolution for this year is not to make resolutions cause they make me feel so bad and i'm not good in accomplishing, but to try and freely do whatever makes me feel like moving a step forth into being true to myself and my goals instead. have an amazing new year!

    1. I totally understand your point on resolutions! I always fail at mine and then feel badly. I hope we both have incredible years even so!


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