My Wedding: The Ring

I wasn't sure about posting this because I really dislike when girls post pictures of their ring and tell all details about it. I see it on Facebook ALL THE TIME. But then I'm sure there are people like me who enjoy seeing the ring up close without finding out too much about the ring. So, for the people out there like me, who just want to see a pretty piece of commitment jewelry, this post is for you!

Andrew asked me to marry him and gave me this STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS and perfectly simple engagement ring. It is particularly special because when we had been dating for about a year we started talking about getting married (in the "someday eventually" sense not the "let's get this planned" sense). Every time I would tell him I had to ask him a question he would joke that I was going to ask him to marry me or vice versa and then he would send me a link to a beautiful solitaire round diamond ring. I always thought it was beautiful and I guess he realized that that after all these years it would be a perfect choice.
I love it and will wear it forever and ever. He was so sweet....after he put the ring on my finger and we sat down for a bit he mentioned that "I didn't have to worry about anything because it's insured." Does that mean he thinks I'm going to lose it?! Although he's not wrong in his worry since I lose everything (keys, phone, debit card, etc).
Needless to say, I'm loving seeing the stone flash and sparkle every time I look at it. Beautiful. 

Earth Day 2016

In my Things for 2016 post I mentioned that I failed to do manicures for every Holiday in 2015 and that for this year I wanted to complete manicures for the major holidays. Today isn't exactly a major holiday but it's one that deserves a nail post anyway....Earth Day! Earth Day seems to be celebrated in a ton (100+) of countries but if you don't know about it it's just a day where you show support for environmental protection and can gain more awareness about how your lifestyle impacts the bigger global picture. I have to admit I am not the greenest person around and I really should try harder to minimize my waste and environmental impact. Today is a great day to do some research and figure out what I can do to help the Earth. I did my nails to look like this:
Because we all live on the same Earth and face the same problems if it's not taken care of, here are a couple things to think about this Earth Day. For me, I was most interested in learning about water and water conservation. We all know water is difficult to get in some countries and we waste water by ignoring leaky faucets, leaving the water on while brushing our teeth/washing our faces, taking unnecessarily long showers, and inefficiently cleaning our clothes...but I didn't realize just how much water is wasted in creating the food I eat everyday! National Geographic can show you what your water footprint is, if you're interested. I can say I'll definitely be more conscious of my water usage during 2016.

Everyone I have some news!!

I am literally bursting to share this on my blog today. I've been dying until I had a moment to post and share the news with all of my blog friends, readers, casual visitors, and random stumble upon-ers of this blog. So it goes like this....Andrew asked me to marry him today!! 
Yes, we are engaged to be married!!

So now there are two weddings being planned here on The Files....including one of MY OWN! I will post a much more detailed story about the proposal (oh my goodness!) and everything else you might want to know about as soon as possible. If there's something in particular leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to add it in my post! Ghila, I'm looking at you girlie! Can't wait to tell you the story!

Highlight of My Summer Steals the Show

Hello again everyone! For today's post I have a beautiful base polish that steals the show. Seriously, if you own Hightlight of My Summer by China Glaze then you know how amazing it is! I love this polish and it should be on everyone's go-to summer polishes because it's just stunning.
I added a bit of black tip and a silver accent nail to give it some more pizzazz but I still think my eyes are drawn to the base polish instead of the accent nail! Ever have that happen? You paint your nails a base color and then do a design but the base color is what gets noticed more?? These would be good nails for Andrew and my anniversary on April 24th!

Cinderella Gradiant

Did I post these on the blog yet?? I seriously can't remember and they're in the file where I usually keep the ones for the post I am working on so I'm not entirely sure. To be honest, that file has gotten out a control because I keep painting my nails but I don't get around to posting them so now it's kind of full of photos I will be posting this week!
I used Sinful Colors Cinderella for the base of this gradient. I know everyone can appreciate my lack of gradient skills but this one kind of turned out ok!

Dress Shopping with S!

This past weekend marked another milestone in wedding planning for A and S--S went wedding dress shopping!!! For the occasion I painted these demur nude and white designs. I used the "Love" design on my Winstonia Wedded Bliss stamping plate.
I don't want to share any of the dresses that she liked or what she looks like from the front because, well, that's what the wedding day photos are for, but here are some sneak peaks of my best buddy trying to find her wedding gown! She's continuing to look, so unfortunately she didn't say Yes to the Dress this weekend but now she definitely knows the style of dress she wants!

Black and Yellow Take Two

After my last post was decidedly not as work appropriate as I had intended I wanted to figure out a way to use black and yellow in a very work appropriate and professional looking design. Have I succeeded? Honestly, I feel like you can get away with any color tip if you have a nude base. After all, it's literally the smallest bit of color. So I went with black as the tip and then added some yellow polka dots to jazz it up.
I'm wondering if I would have liked it better with a yellow tip and black dots. Maybe that'll be next up on my work nails!

Toetally Tuesday: Black and Yellow

We have a Toetally Tuesday post for today. It's been a while since the last one and I was inspired by the colors black, yellow, and white. It's getting to be spring time (although you can't tell based on the weather we're having here right now) and so I wanted something colorful and cheery. What is more cheery than yellow, am I right? I also needed to quiet the yellow down for work so of
I ended up really liking this design. It was cheerful and fun, yet totally work appropriate. It just makes me happy to look at! I hope you all have a great day -- with plenty of things that make you happy to look at!

Becoming a Two Time MOH

When S came home from Maine it was not even two days after she arrived that we were sitting on my couch sipping some wine and waiting on some delivery sushi to arrive. It was so nice to catch up with her, hear all about her wedding ideas, get the full engagement story, and learn how her time in Maine has been. However, it was even nicer when she handed me a little brown box with my name on the tag. I thought it was a trinket she brought home from Maine for me so boy was I surprised when it ended up being her asking me to be Maid of Honor in her upcoming wedding!
I couldn't wait to open the little box and see what was inside. It turned out to be a wine cork wrapped with a note. How cute was this presentation?? So adorable! And obviously perfect for their wedding because they got engaged in a vineyard!
The message inside was so sweet and perfectly reflected our friendship. Then the last line was the most important, and I had to take a photo to share here on the blog!
 Of course, I said YES! It's going to be so much fun!

Can you believe it's already been 2+ years since Steph asked me to be her MOH??

Happy 26th Birthday to S!

Today is my best college buddy's birthday! Yes, the same college buddy that's getting married next year. Because her fiancee is still in Maine until May (she's graduating college), S and I made plans for the birthday evening. We decided to cook some dinner, watch Bridesmaids, play some video games, and browse some wedding magazines. I painted these birthday nails for the occasion:
For dinner we decided on salmon, broccoli, and rice...which ended up being DELICIOUS! I think she had a good birthday--even with her fiancee celebrating from afar. 
Happy birthday to you, S!!
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