A Long Overdue Congratulations for A & S!

Over the last three years or so it seems like there's a newly engaged couple literally every time I log into Facebook. So I was super stoked to hear that my best college buddy and her girlfriend have decided to tie the knot! Congratulations A + S! You two are perfect together and I can't wait to celebrate your wedding! In honor of your engagement (which happened in October) I have painted these nails du jour. I hope you will forgive the roughly 2-3 months it took for me to get a design up here on the blog!
For these I used OPI My Address is Hollywood, Art Deco white, and my Winstonia stamping plate Christmas present from my brother.

So the story goes: S was my college roomie and buddy. She met A and they moved to Maine for S's job (but they'll be moving back home soon!). One weekend in October her and A were visiting from Maine and I got a text saying S was going to pop the question. I died. I was so psyched! Even when it isn't me getting engaged I get all excited as if it were (is that weird?). Anyway, the plan was that they would go apple picking and then A's family would be hiding to photograph the popping of the question. Of course, A said YES (duh!) and the rest will be history. Here's one of the sneaky photos:
And, of course, the bling!

Cheers to the two of you!


  1. i mean this is the loveliest thing ever, i wasn't expecting that at all when i logged into your blog tonight. at all. so, these girls got engaged to each other while apple picking, and YOU, their attorney friend, are going to celebrate their wedding??? aka pronouncing them married?? omg this is so freaking amazing!! i mean, i guess you just got this right since you're recently graduated, right? are they going to be your first couple that you marry? gongrats guys!!!! so sadly this reminds me that here in italy we're very far to legalize gay marriages.

    1. I'm so excited! Unfortunately I cannot actually marry people as an attorney (that would be so cool though), but I do get to attend their wedding and have some fun! :)

  2. Nice pictures! I enjoyed a lot reading through these photos. Anyway dear, we have also fixed our wedding date and now we will start planning for the day. First of all I need to make a list of the best NYC wedding venues. Was just wondering if anyone here can help us regarding this!


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