Toetally Tuesday: A Whale of a Tale

My toes make me smile this week because they're just one of those odd unique fun designs that have no rhyme or reason for why I painted them. I was looking through my Winstonia plates and saw this adorable whale design. I thought it was adorable and could add to my otherwise boring classic pink and white pedicure.
I used OPI Tickle My France-y (might be becoming my "go to" pinks) and added an arrow tip in Art Deco white as well as the whale design from Winstonia W108 in Art Deco black.

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  1. i really like the arrow white tip and the whale is surely a cute and fun design and adds some joy to the look. from the pic i just thought your base was more on the brown side and not pink.

    1. Yeah it definitely looks more brown in the photo. The color is off in that photo :(


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