7 PM to 11 PM tonight is taken!

Once Upon a Time, Revenge, and 666 Park Avenue. Awesome!

Renaissance Faire

Fare thee well all! Before you think I've lost my mind and went head over heels down a rabbit hole into the middle of the 16th century let me explain. My dad's birthday was this past Monday and so I thought as a neat gift idea (he prefers doing things instead of just presents) for me to take him to the Renaissance Faire. My boyfriend and I have gone with friends for the last two years but I don't think my dad's ever been at all. While we were there we entered an archery tournament just for fun....we didn't know that we would taking home 3 of the 5 prizes. My Dad got 4th, my boyfriend got 2nd, and my brother (for not knowing what the heck to do) got the "spirit" award. Ha, it makes me laugh every time. Now they all got some type of mini-knife (leave it to the Renn Faire right?). Here are some action shots.
 My brother..trying really hard to figure out what the heck to do. And my friend Sarah who actually took an archery class for fun in college.
 My Dad, fourth place winner, really looking like he knows what he's doing. He told me later it was just luck.
 My boyfriend and I getting ready to kick some butt. Well, he kicked some butt. I didn't even hit the target. Ohhhhh yeahh!
 My brother got the "Spirit Award" haha
And then we all got turkey legs so...yumm!


It feels so good to be getting back into my workouts. Law school and working this summer really killed my plans for working out...there just wasn't any time! I couldn't fit it all in and I got super lazy. Anyway, on Tuesday I went for a run to explore the neighborhood. 2 miles later my legs were like jelly.

Then today I decided to go for a bodyrock workout. You guys know how much I love bodyrock.tv :

I'm a foodie...

How delicious do these look?! I saw them on a tumblr called Back On Pointe.
Seriously want to bake these up right now! Oh wait....I did!

My H&M Haul

My sister and I went shopping the other day and visited one of my new favorite stores: H&M! Seriously, I carried so many clothes into the fitting room....and only put back about 5 items. Here's what I ended up taking home with me:

First up, as you guys know I'm in law school. I thought some blazers would be in order! I went with the hot pink because it was adorable and navy blue :)

I also saw these adorable shoes and I wanted them so badly!
And this black lace shirt. I thought it would be perfect for date night :)

In the fitting room with all my loads of clothes.

I chose the polka dot one of my boyfriend's friend's wedding. It was in August so I wanted something summery but also something I could wear with a blazer if I had an event in the winter. I thought it was a good choice.

There you have it! My H&M shopping haul!

We got Gaga Tickets!

Yes, that's right! This girl is going to see Mother Monster for the second time in February!! Steph and I went last time she was in Philadelphia and naturally I got so excited when I found out she was coming back to Philadelphia again in February! Yayyyyy, now I just have to plan my outfit and makeup!
Excuse me while I do my Gaga happy dance!

Skateboarder Birthday Nails!!

It's one of my precious cousin's birthdayssss today!! Of course, I like to celebrate things by doing what? Painting my nails! While I was trying to come up with an idea, I remembered when he visited us for the Fourth of July he posed an idea for a post on my blog: Skateboard Logos. So...I searched high and low for possible ideas because this girl right here has NO familiarity of skateboard logos. I did date a skateboarder when I was 16 though...he was all about DC and I may have a pair of Vans sneakers in my closet still from that time as we speak. 

So, after googling ideas I settled on (and I hope they're recognizable): 
Thumb - Vans
Index - DC
Middle Finger - Just a shadow of  my cousin on his skateboard :)
Ring finger: Santa Cruz
Pinkie - Fallen

...I hope they're skateboard logos...

My Mini Minions!

Hello minions!!
Just kidding, you're not minions-- but I do have 5 mini minions on my nails right now!! I'm so excited for Despicable Me 2 and it doesn't even come out until June 2013!!

Things have been so crazy lately. Law school is leaving me absolutely no time whatsoever to do anything but read cases, outline, read more cases, and outline more. Ughhh! Where does my time go?

I did well on my Intro to Law week-long course that we took during orientation week. Yesss!

Official First Apartment Tour

This is my official tour of my law school apartment! I'm still working on it and it's not where I'd like it be just yet but I just moved so there's still time. Enjoy!!

Girls Night Had a Guest

How cute is this furry friend?? So the deal is this...my neighbor downstairs (C) owns the most adorable husky and I looooove huskies. Conveniently, C also goes to law school with me and is in two of my classes so we were able to become fast friends. His dog howls and whines sometimes when C leaves and it's the saddest, most heart-breaking sound I've ever heard in my life. One day he gave me a key to his apartment so that when the puppy starts to howl I can go get him if I'm home and he can spend time up here with me (which more importantly stops his whining from disrupting the other 4 people in this building). The dog is seriously so cute and it's hard not to want to go get him literally every time he starts to cry. 

This past Friday a girlfriend of mine from college, S came over for a fun Girl's Night In with dinner, drinks, and a movie. Not too long after she got here did we start to hear Yukon crying and howling. She had only seen him once before in passing outside and, like me, loves dogs so she asked if we could go spring him loose. Of course we went and got him and he got to spend some of our Girl's Night with us.
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