Blog Break while I study for the Bar Exam

Hi everyone, as you know I'm preparing for the Bar Exam because I graduated. I wanted to give you all a heads up that I will not be blogging from June 1st to probably sometime in August so that I can adequately prepare for the exam. I might do some status updates throughout and always know that my nails ARE painted, but I might not be able to stay as active as I would have hoped! I'll talk to you all in August!

31 Week Nail Art Challenge - Week 24: Inspired by a Book

This is potentially the loooooooooooongest 31 week challenge you have ever seen. I've been at it since, what, December??  Maybe even before that? I'm working on it though. Trust me, we will get through this 31 Week Nail Art Challenge with each manicure being completed eventually. In any event, this week's installment of the challenge is for Week 24 (hey, we're almost done ya'll!). The theme for Week 24 is a manicure inspired by a book. I happen to be scrolling through my TV's guide when I saw that the movie Twilight was on. That's a book! I thought to myself and I sat at my desk to get started. Yep, you guessed it, a manicure inspired by one of the book's cover art. I chose New Moon because I think that was my favorite Twilight movie (but in all honesty I can't remember if I saw them all). I just like this cover because I find it very pretty. I kept the simplicity by making all my other nails plain black and focusing on the flower. This manicure has taught me one thing...I'm still not any good at nail art flowers. Practice makes perfect though! Here are my nails:

Join me in the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge and share a link to your post!

Next up: Week 25 - Inspired by Fashion

Let's Be Lawyers!

I graduated!! Finally, after three years of law school I have my Juris Doctorate! On my way to being an Esquire!!
Turns out I graduated cum laude,16th in my division (total of 107 students) and withing the top 15% of my overall class (total of 170). I was honored to wear not one, two, three or four but FIVE honors cords! I wore a red cord as a graduate with Pro Bono Distinction (meaning I performed at least 60 hours of pro bono legal service during law school). Additionally, I wore two more cords: a dark green cord as a member of an honor society and a white cord as a member of law review. I also wore a blue and gold striped cord for graduating cum laude. Lastly, I wore a red, white, and blue striped cord as a member of the Military Law Society. I was well decorated to say the least!

Metallic Madness

A quick post today because I need to be studying but I wanted a bit of shine on my nails so I whipped this manicure up.

Long awaited welcome back!!

It's been a while but boy do I have a ton of updates for you guys! I celebrated 5 years with my love on April 24th, I'm done law school finally, just turned 25 yesterday, and will be graduating law school on Saturday. Not to mention that my brother turns 18 and graduates from high school soon! I'll be back with a more substantial post soon but to catch you up...
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