Hi there!  Let me introduce myself. 

I'm Nikki. I'm an attorney by day and blogger by night. 

When I am not in the office I am an avid nail polish fan (hence the name of the blog). This blog was created back in 2010 after my sister suggested that I record all my nail designs so I could share them even long after the polish remover had swiped them away. 

There have been some expansions along the way and Nikki's Nail Files is now my space for more than just nails. It's really a lifestyle blog of sorts. I share basically everything and anything that inspires me. In my posts you'll see a healthy dose of nail polish mixed with traveling, projects, food, and even some fitness and fashion. Okay, maybe not much fashion but a girl can dream. 
I hope you look around, read a ton, and stay a while. Maybe leave me comment to say hello, too?

To get you started, try these posts:

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