Something is missing...oh right my boyfriend.

Did you know: In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are used to describe how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent and give rise to each other? 

Well, wikipedia it and you will see I'm right! Now why did yin and yang from Polish and Pearls inspire the current mani on my digits?? To get back to the title of the's because I'm missing something: my boyfriend. Yeah, he's not quite missing yet but he'll be missing starting NEXT WEEK. As I blogged about before, Andrew dearest is moving to Colorado for SIX months(!). No joke.. I mean don't get me wrong, moving temporarily for work is awesome and will be quite the adventure but...six months to somewhere that's a four hour plane ride away??? My eyes just watered typing this. Good grief, I have to pull myself together. He'll be back in no time! I thought the yin and yang would be a good design because although we are seemingly opposites (he's brainy and quiet and awesome) and I'm whatever the heck I am (crazy, kooky, and a little odd) but we are so perfect together. Needless to say, I'll miss him. 

Mani Monday: Fighting Phils!

Pardon me while I bust out some serious American "take me out to the ballgame" but...I went to a Phillies game yesterday with some folks from work! Naturally, a nail design was order! I had to keep it semi-work profesh because otherwise I probably would have gotten a few looks from the senior partners (and CEO!) and I wouldn't want that. I went with red but then a baseball on my ring finger. You guys may remember that I'm not a huge sports fan (I like odd sports like gymnastics....and nascar, lol) but I really did enjoy watching the game and chatting with my work people outside of the office. It was nice to see everyone relax a little bit.
Because it was a work event we had one of the "private boxes" that allowed us to have our own food, drinks, seating, and bathroom. It was so enjoyable to not have to wait in long lines for either food or the bathroom. I really had a great time and it turned out my sister and her fiance were at the game too! Matt earned Salesman of the Month (yay!) at his job and so they were in a box too! We ended up not being on the same level but we met up after the game. Overall it was a really LONG game but a really GOOD night :)
In case you watched the game (or care)...the Phillies lost :(
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