Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Hannukah, too! I wanted to blog a bit about our Christmas morning very quickly before we go over my parents' house for dinner. We saw Andrew's parents yesterday before we went over my parent's house for the Seven Fish Feast (which was delicious by the way!). Then we settled in for the night to wait for Santa to visit! Jk, I had presents under the tree for weeks before Christmas actually happened. The photo below is off the gifts I bought for my family! (Ok, and the black bag in the left back is a gift I bought myself...)
This morning we cam out and A had added gifts for me under our tree! I didn't get to snap a photo though since we got into Christmas-morning-gift-opening-breakfast-plotting mode. Oh! And what was for breakfast you might ask? This pants-droppingly delicious and not-so-diet-friendly Cinnamon Baked French Toast from the Pioneer Woman:
It's so easy to make (just don't think about how much butter you're using...) and it has quickly become one of our favorite special morning breakfasts. We have every intention of making this on New Year's day too!
Slap on some powdered sugar, whipped cream, and sausage links and call it a day. Yumm!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your special ones!

My Wedding: Shoe Selection

Now that I have finally decided on a dress (I can't stop googling it and looking at photos of it by the way--I'm obsessed) I can start looking for jewelry and, even more fun for me, shoes! I've been combing the internet trying to find the perfect pair and I've come across these:
They are both from the Blue by Betsy Johnson line and I like them because they're silver, sparkly, and have a pretty blue sole. They can serve as my "something blue" on the wedding day. The pair on the right are called Teena the and the pair on the left is the Tee heels. I think I'm leaning toward the Teenas BUT there were some other options too.
The ones on the left are called The Harlow by Touch Ups. I like them in the white but they also have them in silver. I'm thinking if I don't choose these for the wedding day I could always choose them for my friend's wedding in May. The shoes on the right are the Golda pumps by Adrianna Papell. Interesting fact, Adriana Papell is the designer of the bridesmaids dresses Sarah choose for us to wear in her wedding. I really like these because of the rhinestone bottom -- the shoe itself is pretty simple but then there's tat a little bit of glitz.

It's funny when planning a wedding. Things that otherwise would be unimportant (I mean really, who cares what shoes I wear?!) become these monumental decisions. Too funny. 266 days until the wedding!

Swatch: Essie Fall In Line

I painted m nails tonight because they got so gnarly and chipped and I haven't had an opportunity to re-do them. Finally, as part of my quiet night in I painted them! I chose Essie Fall In Line because it's this gorgeous, calming sage green. It's perfect for the fall.

Quiet Tuesday Night

I caught myself thinking is it really only Tuesday? multiple times today at work. Is the week dragging for anyone else? Between phone calls, emails, motions that need to be filed, medical records that need to be reviewed, and billing, billing, billing (always billing), I feel like I'm running a marathon this week! And it's only Tuesday. That's one of the reasons I cherished the quiet, relaxing night I had once I got home from work. Andrew is working late tonight so I was able to come home, change into comfortable clothes, talk on the phone with my sister for a bit, and decide what to make for dinner. I've been in a pasta mood lately (which is surprising because I'm usually not too huge a fan of pasta. Don't get me wrong--pasta is delicious--I just find myself leaning toward other things more often) so I settled on preparing a cavatappi with meatball and vodka sauce. Now, before it goes sounding all impressive--I used frozen meatballs and prepackaged gravies. Ah, yes I call it gravy. I'm Italian! I made dinner, poured myself a glass of wine, and settled in to watch some TV on my laptop and paint my nails. I'll probably post a swatch post later but for now it's just me, my laptop, and my dinner!

My Wedding: Wedding Dress Shopping

This is probably one of the most exciting posts to do about my wedding.....I found my wedding dress!! Here are some nails that I painted for the occasion:
Believe me, I'm dying to post a photo of the dress and share it on here but who knows who reads this and I don't want to ruin anything before the big day! Trust me, I will blog about it just as soon as I can after the wedding next September! So, which silhouette do you think I went with??
Although I can't tell you the details about the dress I will say this: when I tried it on I smiled bigger than when I tried on any of the other dresses. I went to two stores total and found my dress at the second store. I loved it! Can't wait to share it with you all!!
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