Swatch: China Glaze Conga To My Cabana

Today's post is another Parade of Pink post for Breast Cancer Awareness Action Month. I chose China Glaze Conga To My Cabana because it's sort of a coral or salmon color with a tiny bit of golden shimmer to it. It's very tasteful but it's difficult to capture with my camera (Nikon D3300) so I took some photos with flash, without flash, and just under natural light to show all facets to this polish. It's gorgeous but the polish does take quite a few coats before it's completely opaque. I ended up doing FOUR coats. The largest photo below is only at 3 coats so you could see the difference.  

The photo on the left here is with flash indoors. The photo on the right is natural light (without flash) near my patio door.

Another with flash but with only 3 coats of polish:

And another in natural light but with 4 coats.
 Natural light away from the patio door (sitting in front of my couch):

Today's Breast Cancer fact: Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. However, an estimated 2,150 MEN will also be diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

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