Product Review: Flower Studs from Lady Queen

One of the main goals of Nikki's Nail Files has always been to try out new products and share them with my readers. A couple months ago I was contacted by LadyQueen, an online shopping mall, and asked if I would be interested in using a couple of their available products and offering my reviews on my blog here. Of course I said yes! So what is LadyQueen? It is an online shopping outlet that provides not only nail polish and nail art products but also a wide variety of other products including jewelry, apparel, makeup, and even wedding items. If you have time to do a bit of online shopping you should really just peruse their website because I'm sure you will find many things you love!
As for my first product review, you all know I love to bedazzle my nails with studs, decals, stamps, and other products so naturally I selected this set of Daisy Flower Studs in the most adorable pink color. Other color options included various pinks, blues, orange, white, black, and purple. The flowers are 8 mm each so they are a little on the large size and can be overwhelming if you are not used to having a stud on your nails. Because of their size they are a bit clunky on the nail so I would wear them more for a special occasion rather than an everyday nail look. However, despite the size of the flowers they are very sturdy and did last on my nails for a couple of days. I only used clear nail polish as the adhesive to attach the flowers so if you use nail glue to apply the flowers they would last an even longer time. Also, they are safe to use on natural nails (like mine) as well as any acrylic, stick-on, or fake nails. Here is how I used these adorable little flowers: 
These flowers retail for $2.28 for a pack of 10 flowers. I think they ended up being a wonderful addition as the focal point to this manicure. I kept the rest of the nails subtle so that the flower could take center stage. Like I said, the flower itself was very large and actually sat very high on the nail because it was thick but I got used to it in no time. How gorgeous is the color? I think they looked so great in this manicure! A benefit is that you can even re-use these little flowers if you are careful when you take them off. 

An added bonus to these flowers is that you don't just have to use them on your nails! You can even use them to add some pizzazz to homemade cards, cell phones, iPods, etc.

If you're interested in trying these flower studs LadyQueen agreed to give me and my readers a coupon code. For 15% your purchase, use the coupon code "GLLC15."

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Hello again to all my interested readers,

I hope that everyone who checks this blog will see this post and be as ecstatic as I am! I have something exciting in store for the next couple of posts and I am so thrilled to be able to get back my blog after a couple months of traveling (internationally!), graduating law school, preparing for the bar exam, undergoing what is no doubt the most difficult test that I have ever had to take in my entire life (which included over 20 years of schooling), getting through some of the most stressful months of my life, and some pretty heavy personal life stuff. Anyway, let's get back to the fun!

Check back later tonight and tomorrow for some exciting posts!
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