Toetally Tuesday: Purple Diagonals

Toetally Tuesday again already? Phew that week really flew! How was everyone else's weekend? I did these little striped nails for today. I really liked the contrast and it ended up looking really clean so I did it on my fingernails too.
I used Zoya Julie as a base and then painted China Glaze History of the World on the diagonal. I used Art Deco in White to separate the two polishes and really make it pop.


  1. i really live this one nikki! it looks so neat and almost black and white but the purples give it something more. it's put together and serious/formal but also fun and playful. one simple look that fits the toe nails beautifully as well and i think i like it better on your feet but i love when you match toes and nails!

    1. When I match my toes and nails I always feel so put together and ready to take on the let's-get-this-sh*t-handled-I'm-superwoman. Same thing happens when I have matching undergarments on (which is wayyy less frequent lol who has time for that?!)

  2. This is really pretty! I did something similar years ago but with Black and red with a white stripe. I didn't do all of my nails though, just the thumbs. The rest of the nails were just red. :)

  3. This is such a lovely manicure :)
    I love the colors and the design :)
    Easy but still fun and festive :)


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