Weekend Blizzard Fun

Ok get ready for a giggle...Remember how I recently posted snow nails with the title "Gimme' Mo Let it Snow"? Well this past weekend I got my wish and the Northeast had a bit of snow. And by "a bit of snow" I mean an almost record breaking blizzard for our area. It started Friday night (yay for skipping the gym and hustling to get some Chinese food before it started!) and didn't stop until Sunday morning. Throughout Saturday it dropped about 30 inches of snow on us...which was roughly up to my knee, and then the snow drift gave some places full walls of snow! Needless to say Andrew and I dressed in our ski snow gear and had some fun! We let out our inner five year olds and started with making some snow angels.
I was actually really warm and comfortable and almost wanted to take a nap right there. Then we took some corny photos:
Don't let his sweet face fool you! He dumped snow on my head right after the photo on the right was taken. I'll tell ya, that boy is trouble! Yes, sir. Lol. :)
Naturally, my car was going nowhere fast. Andrew and I took a walk out on our main street and we saw not 3 but 4 different cars getting unstuck from the snow on the roads (no one was hurt they just couldn't move). We didn't drive because neither of us have the desire (or death wish) to take our cars out in snow. Plus, neither of us have what I would call "snow appropriate" vehicles or tires. Does my car look like it's a fan of the snow?? 

All in all, it was a nice weekend spent snowed in watching the "Best Film" Oscar nominated movies. Not a bad way to spend a weekend. And thank you to the snow gods for making it blizzard on the WEEKEND when my sweetheart didn't have to go to work!


  1. oh my gosh, look at your car!!! I soo wish we had some snow over here... We got wimpy 2 inches blah... send some over!!!! =))

    1. SO MUCH snow. It was hard to believe but so nice to watch. The last time I remember having this much snow at one time was the Blizzard of '96....and I was 6. Quite a different experience when you're not just worried about snowman making and hot chocolate! Shoveling snow is no fun!


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