Throwback Thursday: Wanna Polka

We're going to try something new for today's post. Everyone is familiar with "Throwback Thursday," right? If not, it's the day of the week when you post a photo from a long time ago. Well, to put a NikkisNailFiles spin on it, I decided I would have a Throwback Thursday by re-creating an old design. What nails did I start with? The very first post on the Files, of course! Remember these from 2010?
Of course you don't. The photo above is my recreation with more pastel colors. The actual original first post looked like this:
Ah yes, my super awesome photography skills. That's more like it. So what do you think of this Throwback Thursday recreation idea? Should I consider doing it monthly?


  1. i am obsessed with this design! both in the original form and the recreation, i can't really decide, but your lining skills defenetly increased. today's mani look more neat and vibrant but i think i like the base color better in your original one. i just downloaded the pic and put in my to-recreate list folder if you don't mind.

    1. I totally agree! I like the base color on my original more, too. The base on these nails didn't look so bad until I saw the photos and then I thought they were way way too opaque. I was looking for more a neutral/sheer polish. And yes, I would love to see your recreation!

  2. So cute ...i love them



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