14 Things for 2014

Apparently I missed this last January! I always put a list of things I want to do, try, or eliminate in the new year but, for whatever reason, I didn't do a new version for January 2013!! Lame. Eh, no matter, I'll just use my "12 from 2012" list to evaluate how I've done and then create a new list for 2014. I promise to review them in 2015!

12 Things for 2012
1. Go on a vacation. I'm talking about an actual vacation: a few days down the shore, a trip to Maine, camping, etc. I went to Ocean City Maryland with my dad, brother and extended Ohio family in August right before school started! It was so nice to see my grandparents, aunts, and cousins :) I blogged about it here and here. No camping and no trip to Maine though.
2. Use each of my polishes. Ha! No way. This will probably never be done. I'm not going to carry this one over again.
3. Swatch each of my polishes. Ha! Same. Not going to carry this over.
4. Move out of my parents house (if possible and practical to do so). Currently I live in an apartment near my law school's campus. Can't say I miss being home, except for the constant company and home-cooked meals of course! It is nice to have my own space though.
5. Finish that cross-stitch project. No, and I've started a new one. I'm going to carry this over but extend it to either one.
6. Graduate from undergrad! (and start law school!!) Completed like a boss. And I'm now halfway through law school!
7. Run more. I started going for runs during the semester and I'd like to do that more. Maybe even run my first race (outside of my track days). A 5K perhaps? I ran a 5K (The Color Run - Philadelphia) with my sister this past July. Blogged about it here.
8. Stretch more and become more flexible. Ehhhh, sort of?
9. Complete some nifty crafts (for example: photo coasters like these). I completed a lego project with my best law school buddy and her kid last fall...does that count? I think yes.
10. Fix my radio in my car. Nope, but I've decided I won't bother.
11. Buy a Nook Tablet or iPad or something similar. Nope. But I DID buy a laptop so I think that counts.  
And the last and biggest thing I'd want to do: #12. RELAX. I get so worked up sometimes about things and I'd like to just chill out and roll with the punches more. Sometimes I can be really uptight. Let's work on that. I'm good.

Alright, so all in all I didn't do that badly. I still haven't swatched or used all my polishes (recently I was just talking about how I had found polishes I didn't even know I had...) but I don't think I'll include that anymore. There's no point when I know I will not complete it going into it and I don't have enough time to actually try and complete it. Anyway, here are my 2013 Blog Goals.

14 Things for 2014
  1. Post at least 8 times each month. No "I'm busy" excuses!
  2. Complete 18 swatches of new polishes.
  3. Wear the same color (but not specific polish) for a whole month and blog it. Ex: "Mauves all May" or "Maroons all March"...although that's way to specific so I'll have to do a more general "blues" or "purples" for a month instead.
  4. Restart my Toetally Tuesdays posts.
  5. Complete a First Friday Favorites post every month.
  6. Try a new design technique.
  7. Bake more. What can I say? I like cookies...
  8. Reach 100 amazing followers and do a giveaway to celebrate.
  9. Complete a nail design for every major holiday in the US.
  10. Complete a cross-stitch project.
  11. Watermark all my blog photos.
  12. Buy a nail polish from the CoverGirl Hunger Games collection.
  13. Visit Maine (to see my best college buddy!) this summer.
  14. Last but not least, review this list January 1, 2015 and create 15 things for 2015.

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