Wedding To Do List

Oh dear, even though we just became engaged about five seconds ago, there is so much to do!
  1. Straighten Teeth!
  2. Book Venue
  3. Book Church
  4. Compile Guest List
  5. Pick a Date
  6. Wedding Party
  7. Bridesmaids Dresses
  8. Florist
  9. Centerpieces
  10. Favors
  11. DJ
  12. Photographer
  13. Invitations/RSVP Cards/etc
  14. Church Programs
  15. Save the Dates
  16. Table Numbers
  17. Seating Chart
  18. Signature Drinks
  19. Bridal Gown
  20. Bridal Shoes
  21. Bridal Jewelry
  22. Bridal Shower
  23. Tuxes
  24. Bachelorette
  25. Honeymoon
  26. Gift for my *OMG* Husband
  27. Postage/Stamps
  28. Wedding Rings
  29. Hotel Blocks
  30. Transportation
  31. Makeup & Hair Trial
  32. Marriage License
  33. Thank You Cards
  34. Shot List for Photog
  35. Song List
  36. Cake Server Set
  37. Toasting Flutes
  38. Bridal Emergency Kit
Phew! Now that I'm good and overwhelmed I think I'll go for a run!

Friday Favorites: May

Aloha all. Today's post is my Friday Favorites May post, also known as my Friday Favorites: Wedding Edition. There's a lot going on with wedding planning and I barely had time to blog this week but I'm trying to catch up and get some posts going so I can still share what's going on with you. My blog could be a good way to keep some wedding inspiration ideas at my fingertips. Enjoy this collection of wedding favorites!

I love these bouquets. And honestly I love the dress color too. I will have to keep this shade in mind when we start looking for bridal gowns!
Our venue doesn't include centerpieces so now we have to figure out some centerpieces. I think the theme of our wedding is just simple classic elegance so I think these could be nice.
Or these if we don't go the flowers route...
I love both this wedding cake AND this flower arragement. I wouldn't think of orange but I'm actually really liking it!
Our venue also doesn't come with the beautiful Chiavari chairs. I'm a little bummed about that but the venue is absolutely gorgeous so I got over it quickly.
And how pretty is this table scape?!
Alright, that's enough wedding talk for one post!!

Our Wedding: The Proposal

For today's post I wanted to tell you all a little more about the actual proposal. Of course, I already shared with you all that Andrew and I got engaged mid-April (April 16th but who is keeping track), but I did not tell you the full story of how it happened. So here we go, read on if you're interested!
During the week of April 16th, Andrew started to ask what we should do for our sixth anniversary on April 24th. He threw out some ideas, including heading back to where we became an official couple, and also going to our favorite gardens spot in Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens. We decided to celebrate our anniversary back where it all began so on April 16th we chose to go to Longwood to just have a nice picnic and spend the day. We used to go to the gardens all the time while I was in law school and it's one of my favorite. So here's where it began. We park and walk into the Longwood Gardens and I notice two things: (1) Andrew was wearing a jacket that was WAY too heavy for the temperature and (2) he kept patting his left side pocket....which was odd. Immediately my *engagement senses* started to tingle. I was expecting that he would ask on our sixth anniversary but I began to think maybe he tricked me and it was going to be at Longwood.  The map below shows all of the gardens. The purple are the flowers and fountains and GORGEOUS conservatory (which includes some bonsai trees!!) and the green is a "meadow" which is basically just a field you can walk through. I put the red heart over the spot we chose for our picnic.
We actually never had lunch there before and I'm not even sure it was open before but we found it that day and it was perfect. It had a bit of fence around it and only one entry and exit so there it was the perfect spot--no one was in there. We went in and sat on a couple of the flower beds until a single woman decided to get up and then we stole her spot for lunch. Here is a pre-engagement photo of Andrew. He doesn't actually look nervous in it!!
We had our lunch (which he ate in all of two bites) and then he kept saying "Want to just sit here for a bit?" Of course I said yes and then finally he grabbed my hands said he wanted to ask me something and then dropped to a knee and pulled out a ring box. My.heart.stopped. I knew what was happening but I still cried, said yes, and then that was the end. Funny story: he just kept putting the ring box near me until I asked him if he was going to put it on me. Apparently he thought the lady takes the ring out of the box and puts it on herself. LOL. He finally took the ring out of the box and slid it onto my finger. And there we go, engaged!

After all of that excitement we just walked the gardens and I took some photos. Here are a bunch:
An added thing for the day of our engagement was....we walked to where the meadow began and we witnessed another couple get engaged. Andrew isn't the only one who thinks Longwood Gardens makes the perfect engagement spot!
Pardon the creeper shot! I just had to. I wish I knew who they were because I would totally give them this photo.

We then went out to dinner, stopped home to tell my parents (and show them the ring of course), called my sister to get her out to the restaurant they were all at, and then came home and toasted our engaged status. 
Let the wedding planning begin!

Swatch: Gorgeous Graffiti

A quick swatch post today because nothing overly exciting is going on in my world. I chose a really fascinating color from FingerPaints called Gorgeous Graffiti. It's difficult to try to explain this polish because it's almost two-tone, the base of the polish is clearly pink/fuchsia and then there are purple and blue glitter flecks in it. This is a pretty polish indoors but it's completely stunning when you get it out into some sunlight. Behold, some photos:
So what do you think? Do you have a polish like this?
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