Summer Olympics

Finally the 2012 summer olympics is here!! Yesterday went a little like this: work, bakery with a coworker, home, boyfriend brought dinner over when he came to pick me up, camped out in front of the TV to watch the opening ceremony for the olympics!!

Personally, I got a little lost with everything. I definitely understood Danny Boyle's vision with it all but I just lost it somewhere between the industrial revolution and Mary Poppins. The part with the kids and the light up comforters was totally awesome though! My favorite part had to be the Olympic rings.
My other favorite part was definitely the Parade of Nations. I loved seeing all the outfits and all the countries I honestly didn't know even existed. Did you watch the opening ceremonies?

Check it out check it out check it out!! It's my very own apartment!! I know, it's awesome. You don't have to tell me twice. AND it has an outdoor space. I can cook and eat dinner out on the balcony, read a book, tan, whateeever I want AND it's all miiiiine.

Lunch today

Turkey and avocado pita AND pretzels with hummus! <33 

Apartment List 1: Living Room

Today my dad and I went furniture shopping! I absolutely loooove Ikea. It's cheap and decent quality and will be perfect to last the 3 year law school stint I have coming up. 

Manstad (Corner sofabed Gobo Blue-Gray) - $799
Lack in Silver - $12.99

Expedit Workstation - $119 (Just the shelving unit is $69)


I just love the summer Olympics. The opening ceremony, the team outfits, the excitement, the knowledge we won't get to see it for another four years...what's not to enjoy? My favorite sport is, of course, gymnastics. That goes without saying really and the Fierce Five did absolutely phenomenal: first place team AND first place individual gymnast. GO GOLD!
Please excuse the over painted index finger. I think I forgot where my nail ended and my skin began...

Levi's Look and Tahlia's Tootsies

I know I'm late with this but....Happy 4th of July! to all of my fellow American readers! I have a few treats for you all!

First up, my family from California came to visit this week and spent the fourth of July with us!!My cousins are getting so big! Levi is practically getting his first full time job and Tahlia is about to start driving. Ok, I'm only kidding, they're still under 10 but regardless...I'm feeling very old. While they were here they asked if I could do their nails. They looove looking at this blog and are some of my best followers :) Here their nails are:

First up, *drumroll please* the gentleman Levi:

Get Levi's look: Very festive American flags on the toes and gray and black on the fingers. I won't lie, these designs didn't last too long...but what can I say? Levi is very athletic! He was climbing  trees, running around,  playing basketball and nail polish doesn't stand up too well to those activities :)

Second we have *drumroll please* Tahlia's tootsies: I take great pride in being privileged enough to have given her her first mani/pedi =D What an honor!
She picked five different shades of blues and wanted white polka dots on her toes. Seriously, painting these was so stressful. She has the tiniest little nails! I kept having to wipe it off her skin. I think they came out really well though :) She sat very still and didn't get any smudges! (Which is a skill because when my mom gets her nails done she gets a smudge EVERY time. Literally.) OH AUNT LES WHAT IS THAT FINGER NAIL?! I should have given you a manicure too! Unpolished nails?! How unsightly! Just kidding :)

Third, since they are 3 and 7 I found a picture of my older sister when we were...somewhere around that age.
 How cool is our Barbie Jeep? I wouldn't know since my sister NEVER let me drive it! Perhaps Freud would say that's why I love driving as much as I do right now.

And lastly we have my nail design for the Independence Day. I live in a town that does a parade in the morning (which is where that picture of my sister and me is from) and then they do a fair for the week and a fireworks show at night. Of course, I had to attempt fireworks:
  And so you know I actually do both of my hands and not just my left:
I loved having my California family come visit us this summer! We never get to see them and it was nice to finally meet Tahlia. I haven't seen her since she was born. And Levi is getting so big. Last time I saw him I was graduating from high school. Now I've graduated from college and I got to see them. I guess this means I'll be seeing them when I graduate law school! How fun! I would loooove to take Andrew to California (he's never been), see them, get to see their new house (they moved from the beautiful blue Victorian --at least I think it was a Victorian style house...what am I a real estate agent? I'm fairly certain I remember it being blue though), and trance around California for a bit. It will be a great way to de-stress before *dare I say it* taking the bar exam! Ugh, the thought of that already makes me nervous! Also, Andrew's crazy awesome idea of a job is at Google so maybe we'll be spending more time in California than I think.

Well, I guess all that's left to say is Happy Fourth of July one more time and I'll be seeing you guys for our next four year check-in =) And then maybe more often if Andrew actually gets to California and I'm still with him! *Fingers crossed*

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