Happy New Year: Best of 2015!

I'm so excited for the first post of 2016...It's time for the annual Best Of post! I always have such fun looking back through the year's posts to determine which I liked the best and am most proud of. From this year's over 90 posts, here are my top 10 favorite manicures posted in 2015. Previous Best Of lists were published here on The Files in 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011. Check those out if you like! Now here we go:

Starting us off this year at Number 10 is....

My Holly mancicure from the December Nail Art Challenge. I liked the color combination I used in this design and it worked perfectly for the holiday.

9. The Bachelorette manicure I did for my sister's bachelorette. Need I say more? 

8. My Sweater Nails from the December Nail Art Challenge. I loved the color combination and how the stamping turned out. 
7. My Candy Cane manicure from the December Nail Art Challenge. One of the rare skittlette manicures I tried on the blog. I loved the combination of gold, red, nude, and white.

6. Tahlia's Valentine's Day manicure. This manicure was just the sweetest thing.

5. My Halestrom manicure from 31 Week Nail Art Challenge. I was super impressed with these. I think I even tweeted the band this photo!

4. Snow Flakes manicure for the December Nail Art Challenge. The perfect gradient finally!

3. The Fall foliage inspired nails. I adored the color combination used to represent the changing of the leaves.

2. My plaid manicure from the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge. Love me some plaid. I was a private school girl after all!

And my overall favorite manicure from this year is......*drumroll*: My Veterans Day manicure in honor of my Dad!


  1. happy new year dear!!! - HUGS - loved this gallery, so fun :) and as you know i am a super fan of your plaid nail art, so perfect! wishing you a colorful year

    1. Happy New Year lady! I really liked the plaid nails too!! :)


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