Wedding Planning -- it's only natural!

Just last September The Files celebrated its first wedding -- my sister's! Now it's time for The Files to celebrate another wedding -- my BEST college buddy and her fiancee! This wedding will be very different from my sister's in a couple ways but most obviously the look and feel. You probably remember how my sister sort of went above and beyond a typical wedding and really had a blow out GORGEOUS wedding day. Everything was perfect, even down to the silver Mr. & Mrs. cake topper!

But now it's time to switch gears and start fresh for a wedding of a different, yet equally stunning nature (and I use the word "nature" for reasons you'll find out shortly). From my conversations with the bride,  her and her fiancee prefer a lower key, more outdoorsy wedding heavily inspired by the "new life" that comes every year around this time. They're not so interested in the flowers of the summer and prefer the look and feel of the organic and earthy -- the greener side of nature. Originally, they were planning a wedding for January 2018 but now they have moved it up to April 2017. Some lovebirds are just that excited to be married and can't bear to wait any longer, you know?! They're planning an outdoor ceremony and they're trying to find the perfect local park with a gazebo to stand in front of. I envision it to look like this:
Overall, I think their vision is sort of like this:
And finally, not too surprisingly, the color for the wedding theme is planned to be....
MINT and/or various shades of green
Needless to say I'm beyond thrilled to be involved in planning yet another wedding as Maid of Honor. Hey, when you can't plan your own you might as well help someone else plan their special day! It's such an honor to have such a strong and special friendship and relationship with someone that they would think of me to not only include in their wedding but also to have such an important role as MOH. I adore S and her fiancee, they're so young and full of spirit and happiness, and I can't wait to help them begin their life as Mrs. and Mrs. R!

Easter 2016 Nails

Happy Easter everyone!

It's back to back festivities on The Files. First was Andrew's birthday and now it's Easter. We're heading over my parents' house for an Easter dinner and to hang out with my family (who I feel like I haven't seen in a while). Plus, my sister, her husband, and his parents, just returned from Hawaii last week and I haven't yet heard how the vacation was, and my brother is home from college I believe.

Here are my Easter nails for today:

I hope everyone has a great day and weekend!

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

Time for another birthday here on The Files -- my sweetheart turned 26 today! I painted these very simple nails for his birthday because we were busy celebrating and all that jazz:
To celebrate his birthday we went for a little hike because he loves going for walks. We also had a bit of present time!! For his birthday I surprised him with a couple presents -- including this:
Everyone wants a recycling bin right?? Lol, he always says he wanted one for the kitchen so I guess today was his lucky day. It was filled with all kinds of other goodies, including some T-shirts, workout stuff, and new shoes. And the piece de resistance? My personal favorite present, this Moto watch:
Apparently it can do a lot...but I have no clue how to work it. I just think it looks so sharp and you can change the watch band and the watch face to make it however you want!

Then we went into the city for dinner at Del Frisco's, his absolute favorite steakhouse possibly in the world. Seriously, potatoes au gratin and filet mignon for me and potatoes au gratin and bone-in ribeye for my handsome?? You better believe it. It all tasted sooooo good! The restaurant was also really cool (I had never been there) because it's an old bank....and one of the dining rooms is literally inside the old bank vault. Andrew took me there to show me the vault since I didn't believe him. It was so neat!

For dessert we picked up cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, I sang him Happy Birthday, and there we go.

Friday Favorites: March

It's March! Which means a lot of things here on The Files: I've been working for a month (yay!). It's Andrew's birthday this month. It's the beginning of Spring! And of course another Friday Favorites post! So here are a few things I'm really digging right now:

1. The color combination navy blue and yellow:
There's just something so cute about it.

2. Being Maid of Honor
You all know that I was Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding this past September, but I am now officially a Maid of Honor times two. That's right, I'm a MOH a second time -- this time for my college buddy Sarah's wedding next year!You might remember my engagement congratulations nails I did for them earlier this year. So you all know what that means....ANOTHER wedding planning process all captured and shared here on the blog! I will say this though, this wedding is going to be a completely different style than my sister's. I'll probably do a whole intro post on this new wedding at some point. At any rate, I am clearly a Maid of Honor Extraordinaire! I can't wait to start planning!

3. This Pop the Champagne shirt from T and  J design. I have been obsessed with this tee every since I saw it and I may have even already included this in one of my Friday Favorites. I just love it. I think paired with black skinny pants and a fun bag would be perfection.
What are you digging right now??

Nails on Point

Another nail post! Hooray! I'm making moves on this blog despite having work on the brain, lol. If you've been a visitor to the Files for any bit of time then you probably are already aware about my affinity for red nail polish and my love of red, black, and white color combinations. Seriously, it's like I'm living in a deck of cards over here. My nails look like this:
I used China Glaze Salsa (one of my favorite reds by far) and then a striped brush to make the black arrow tip and white dot. Hence, I called this "Nails on Point" for the white dot/point.

How have you all been ladies or men

St. Patrick's Day

First post in a while right?? This design is a little late I know (plus I'm back dating it as if I actually posted on the actual day) but I did have my nails painted like this on St. Patrick's Day so I think it's fine. They aren't as festive as the my Shamrocks and St. Patrick  from two years ago but I think they're pretty cute.
Plus, they remind me of the wedding nails I wore to my sister's wedding in that makes them kind special too.

How was your St. Patrick's Day? We didn't do anything special over here.

Nude for Me Blue for You

Another quick post and these aren't even nails I painted today, yesterday, or within the week. These are nails I painted I believe some time back in November but I never got around to posting here on the blog. Because my posting has been a little light I wanted to add in some additional blog posts to share with you all! These are some relatively subtle blue and nude stamps that I love. I used a Winstonia plate and Orly Blue Suede for the design.

What so you think?? Also, I think my nails look AH-mazing in these photos. The shape, the length, it's so rare it all looks so even and uniform. Usually my nails look awkward and wonky--as you know!

Some Chocolate, Blue, and White, and call it a night!

Just a quick post tonight with a design I did in hurry to finish for work tomorrow. I love the color combination of almost any brown with almost any blue so I saw these three polishes are thought to myself hmmm, that could look so great on my nails. And, in fact, it does!
For these nails I used China Glaze Chocodisiac, Zoya Robyn, and Zoya Snow White. It's a simple diagonal stripe design but still seems special. AND it's 100% work appropriate! You could even use a more pastel color if you think this blue is too IN YOUR FACE. Alright, I'm calling it a night with these.

Throwback Thursday: March

Another Throwback Thursday post because I think it's a fun way to make sure all the nail designs I do actually end up here on the blog. You know I try my hardest to post accurately (the nails posted on the blog actually match the nails you'd see if you saw me in real life on the day of the post) but every now and then I try multiple designs at once (especially when I didn't really like the design outcome) and then I get designs that never get posted. So here is an example of a nail design I did that never quite made it because I didn't really like it:

The thing behind my hands is a really cute water bottle with anchors that I found cheap at Bed Bath & Beyond years ago. The anchors were so colorful I thought it could make a fun design....but then I realized I couldn't quite make nice small anchors on my nails.

I cannot remember what these polishes were but I'm guessing it's China Glaze Frostbite or China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires as a base.

Happy March!

Yay, it's March! A new month perfect for new inspiration, nail designs, and posts. For today's post we have a quick, somewhat heinous design that I do not particularly like. I rushed through the criss-cross parts and so it looks uneven and sloppy. Eh, nail fails happen, right?!

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