Sunset Summery Nails + Word of the Year

If you follow me on my social media (I'm getting the hang of Instagram) then you got a sneak peak of my NOTD today. I painted this design yesterday because the first week of 2016 was frigidly cold and I wanted a reminder that warmer weather --and summer-- are on their way.
Plus, the colors are just so bright and cheery that they just made me smile. I used OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked as the base and then sponged Sinful Colors Pullover and a bit of Art Deco White to create some sort of gradient effect. Then I stamped the summery designs from Winstonia's plate W106 (how cute are they?!) in Art Deco black. Very summery, no?

Also, in non-nail news, I was visiting blogs I follow and I came across a great idea. Angie, from My So-Called Chaos had a post talking about her goals (kinda like my Things For posts) and she included a Word of the Year. I really liked the idea and apparently it's a thing...just check out the My One Word website. I am a resolutions-type person (hence my 101 in 1001 list) and I would like a Word of the Year. Therefore, for my Word of the Year 2016 I am choosing this: GAIN. I have so much to gain this year and so much to look forward to. I just graduated law school, I'm hopefully going to be starting my career soon, and there are so many good things happening in my personal life. So, at the end of 2016 I hope I can look back on all my hard work throughout the year and say "You know, I've really gained a lot this year."

Gain what you might ask? I don't know yet, only this year will tell. Perhaps gain more nail painting skill? More confidence? The ability to realize that negative people reflect themselves more than me? A truer sense of self? A better focus on my future? Better physical health? More strength? I'll let you know.


  1. you are giving me so much inspration for some great way to get energy and focus on my starting year! thank you so much, i love this kind of things/posts! i'll certainly do some of that in my blog. as for the look, you know i like to be festive and colorful with my makeup and nails more in the grey days then in the bright ones, to color them up a bit i guess, so i'm on your page here

    1. I'm glad you're as excited as I am! Also I love your colorful looks and have been really liking your new posts!


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