Girls Just Wanna Have Pumps

This afternoon I had the second round of interviews for a firm so I had to wear "office appropriate" nails....yes, you guessed it...that means OPI Tickle My France-y. As soon as I got home after picking up my love from the airport I jazzed up my otherwise plain digits with the help of stamps from BundleMonster and Winstonia. I call this design "Girls Just Wanna Have Pumps" because seriously I love pumps....and I can't wait to work in an office where I get to wear them ALL.THE.TIME. Here are my nails:
The stamping got a little dirty on my middle finger. *Sadface* And I swear once I'm through with these interviews and I'm actually hired I will totally still rock my fun manicures into the office (at least until I'm told not to!). It's just that when I'm interviewing I don't want my nails to steal any attention! Who created "office appropriate" nails anyway??

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  1. second round? wow what happens at those interviews and what to be hired? best of luck girl! you deserve it! lol i just googled pumps to make sure it meant heels as i suspected and it says it's high shoes in the us and the exact opposite in the uk. can ananka confirm? anyway i'm always a bit shocked by workplaces formal clothing rules. so you need to wear pumps and appropriate nails huh? but i really like this design, it almost looks "abstract", it was so cool when i looked closely for a long while and i finally realized it was shoes with high heels. i find this mani fun and playful but the colors help toning it down to very elegant and appropriate. haha, i'm no good with these things, my office is kids work mainly so as you know my work nails are usually so naive and rainbowy lol. good luck for the job, when will you be hired? and good job and all of my support for your searching journey so far. wow, it's so different here, i'll tell you in our next mail. lol. love

    1. Pumps means the opposite of high heels in the UK? What?! I'll have to leave a comment asking Ananka what she thinks. And yes, apparently being hired is a super annoying and long process. Can you believe one of the places had me do THREE interviews (one phone interview with Human Resources, one with the hiring attorney on the phone, and then one in person with the same hiring attorney and a couple of others)? Three. That was a disappointing no when they told me then went with someone else :( But eh, it was over an hour away so maybe that was a blessing. Thank you for your wishes of luck! I would really really love to get back to work and use that degree I worked so hard for! I'll keep you updated! AND I'll have to figure out the best nail designs for work. This current firm is very very laid back and casual so I'm excited to see that. Hopefully it means I can rock most (if not all) of the designs I do. Fingers crossed for good news quick!

    2. oh well, that's what the translator site says here anyway. it really sounds so stressful and i wish you to be hired in the most laid back place. i mean, if it's so hard to be hired in cool places and positions, and it's understandable they want to make sure to hire great ppl, why can't one just be hired at a beginner level with an easier process, then maybe get promoted and stuff after they've checked how you work for a while? sure, i think of you and you can be sure there's someone across the ocean that crosses fingers with you when you head to those stressful interviews! i even think there are some more important things to a workplace then the job itself, such as it being close enough to home to let you live your life and to have nice people and environment to work with ect. you know what i'd really like to see? a post with tips or just personal choices on the complete look you rock for interviews, like even hair and outfit ect.


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