Maxing Out Our Time in Milan

From Venice we traveled north to Milan. I was psyched to see Milan and all of its fashionable inhabitants but I was also really looking forward to our day trip to Lake Como. We were in Milan for three days but I really count it as one and a half because we only went sightseeing the first day and the third morning we were there. This is what we did on those days!

A Few Days in Venice - Day Two

For day two/our last day in Venice it was back to sunny skies all day. We hit the road water and visited the Venetian islands of Murano and Burano. These islands were so tiny and fun to explore.

A Few Days in Venice - Day One

We only had a few days to spend in Venice during our two weeks in Italy in September. I really wish we would have added one more time though because wandering the canals and waterways was so much fun. It's like another world and was completely different than what we are used to. This is how we spent our few days in vivacious Venice.
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