Friday Favorites: January

I can't believe we're already over halfway through January 2016. Does time fly or have I been messing with my time and date settings on my computer again?? I wanted to do a new Friday Favorites today because, hey, why not, but I wanted to do something different. Because I've been doing a couple tags on here lately I decided to adapt this Favorites Tag post I saw on Chic in the Tropics and use it for my January Friday Favorites post. Here we go!
Nikki's Nail Files January Friday Favorites
Favorite TV Show: The Royals on E! Network, which just aired its second season finale! As far as this season went, it started slow but by the end it had me wishing I poured some TV wine!
You seriously should have seen this coming. Remember me talking about The Royals herehere, and here?? I'm OB-SESSED!

Favorite Color: ALL colors, especially Pantone Matching System 339!

Favorite Dessert: Chili's Skillet Cookie (remember my at-home version)

Favorite Flower: Roses. Always and the roses Andrew gives me every anniversary.
Also like these from 2013 or Love.

Favorite Beverage: Water...or Champagne!
Photos from my Instagram

Favorite Shoes: Loubs! One day when I'm uber wealthy in my dreams I'll get my hands on a pair!

Favorite Song: Right now I'm still loving Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.
If it gets 2 billion views on youtube it's probably my fault....
"I'm too hot (hot damn) call the po-lice and the fireman"

Favorite Hairstyle: I wear my hair in pretty much the same three ways (plus a messy bun when it's long enough to make a bun)...
The left one is by far my fave style though.

Favorite Store: Target...or Macys.

Favorite Hobby: Other than painting my nails, you mean? Cross stitch. I'm currently working on my sister's Beauty and the Beast project...which is on my 101 in 1001 list. Yay, progress!
Pardon the it's-Saturday-morning-and-I-look-like-a-bum photo.

Things to Collect: Nail polish of course!

Favorite Movie: oh geez...can't even pick one. The Fast and the Furious franchise are my favorites through and through though!

Favorite Recently Discovered Blog: Ohhhh there's an engineer who works at Google living in a truck...literally. Check it out on his blog, FromInsideTheBox.


  1. I like this one! I was planning on doing a year favourites post, a beauty related one, but I still didn't cause I'm not sure I'm that prepared on beauty products, so I may just take inspiration here and do an all and all random thing instead. you should keep these monthly favs coming! i checked on the guy living in a truck and not sure how wealthy he is but girl he is goodlooking i couldn't belive my eyes! i didn't know you read those weird blog haha, i like it that you drop us the url of an out of the box blog you like, to check out. in that leftside pic you look like a real kickass successful attorney! i like to see your pics and the one in your pjs is super nice, you actually look too cute!!

    1. Hahahaha your comment about the left photo making me look all kickass attorney like! I laughed out loud :D Lol. And yes, I just found that blog and I spent about 2 hours too long scanning posts and stuff. I don't think I could ever live in a truck and he's lucky he works for google where he has access to food, gym/showers, and facilities. It's funny because Andrew was brought out to Google to interview for a job about 2 years ago (he didn't take the job because it was in California...3000 miles away!) and I asked him if he heard of the blog. Turns out the blog is pretty well known (I'm just slow to find out about things lol). I'll have to keep reading it and see how he does!


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