31 Week Nail Art Challenge: Week 10 - Gradient

Today's post isn't particularly motivating. I just feel like I have to post it because I can't outright skip a week in the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge! If you've been a blog visitor for a while then you know that I am 100% awful at gradient nails. It's so disappointing because I see them all over the blog and they're gorgeous but every time I try one it's just.....bleh. So here's my try:
We can now forget about this one, mmmkay? Next up Week 11 - Polka Dots! (MY FAVORITE) Be sure to go check NailsNoob out to see what Ghila has come up with for the gradient week!

Also, some super exciting news!! Andrew comes home in 9 days!!

Nails of November: Pink Skittlette

If you've been checking out my blog for a while, you may remember when I did my Nails of November series last year. I enjoyed posting them and it did keep me updating my blog decently often, so I decided to renew the series for this year. I'm not really sure what the point behind Nails of November was...it wasn't a challenge or anything, but at least it kept me updating. So behold, my first 2014 Nails of November post. Problem is I found this manicure originally on Pinterest but I have since lost the source!! If you know the original source for this manicure please send me the link so I can update my blog and give credit where credit is due! It might be Panda Polish over at Progress Through Polish but I'm not sure.
You might remember my blue version of this design that I did for my first day back to school in August :) I loved the design so much I thought I would do it pink! While this post is uploading, I am actually taking a very important test for becoming a lawyer. Most people know that we have to get licensed to become practicing attorneys, and to do so we have to successfully pass "The Bar Exam" (which you will hear ALLLLLLL about this year since I take it in July!). However, not everyone knows that we also have to take the MPRE (which I believe stands for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam) as well. I have to get a specific score or else I can't sit for the Bar Exam in July. Yikes! You have a couple tries to pass it throughout the year. This morning is my first try. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck that I get the required score I need!!

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