Swatch: Sally Hansen Strawberry Icing

Following my most recent post, I decided to reach for another strawberry inspired polish. This time I decided on Sally Hansen polish in Strawberry Icing....which sounds delicious! I could go for some dessert! Can I say though....I hate this polish. I have a total dislike for everything that is this polish. Number one, the polish is so sheer it took forever to get opaque and as you'll see it never really did become opaque despite 4 polishes. Number two, the polish took so long to dry because I had to use half the bottle to get it close to opaque. Number three, the shimmer with the base color is not my favorite. Don't plan on seeing it on the blog any time soon because I just might give this baby away. Or perhaps it can look nice as a layered top coat.
These are all with natural light:

With flash:

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