Happy Fourth of July!

For all my American visitors, happy Independence Day! I hope you are all enjoying your parades, your barbecues, your fireworks, and fun times with family and friends! We'll be heading to the morning parade with my family. My dad always has a lovely spread of breakfast foods and he even sets up a tent so we have some shade. After that we'll be hanging out for a barbecue and ending the night with fireworks!

A Ric Rac Nail Fail

When I was younger my mom used to sew Halloween costumes and some holiday dresses for my me and my siblings. No off-the-rack Walmart costumes for us! I remember hours of her sitting at the kitchen table with her Singer sewing machine, patterns, fabric, ribbons, and threads. I guess I was feeling nostalgic the other day because these nails are inspired by Ric Rac ribbon.  Do you know ric ric? It's wavy and looks like this:
So I tried to translate it to a nail design. Didn't exactly work out BUT it's been a while since I posted an actual nail design on here so it's nice to see some nails for once!

A Quick Trip to NOLA (Part One)

Any opportunity we have to scratch our travel itch we try to take. So when Memorial Day approached we knew we wanted to seize the opportunity (and days off) to schedule a quick getaway. We considered a few locations but ultimately settled on a brief visit to New Orleans, Louisiana. Want to see what we got into?

An Overdue Recap: Nails, Meals, and Miles!

Sometimes a girl just needs to paint her nails, kick her feet up, and blog a little, you know? And for me that time is right now. Like right this very second. I know it’s been a while, so there are beaucoup updates to share!

The Last Italy Recap: Final Days in Florence

Oh my goodness it is about time this gets posted, right? I mean, our trip to Italy was literally over six months ago but no big. I've recapped our time in Rome (part one and part two), Vatican City (part one and part twoPompeii, Venice (part one and part two), and Milan. Now it's time to share how we spent our final days in Florence!
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