Gotta Catch 'Em All!

I think I already know the answer to the following but I'm going to ask it anyway....Do you play Pokemon Go? It took me way too long to hear about it and even longer to figure out what exactly it was. There are people falling off cliffs, walking into animal enclosures, and trespassing to catch a pokemon. For real?? What is this game? I admit my sister and I really enjoyed playing Pokemon when we were younger and back when it was on Nintendo but damn, Pokemon Go is serious. I don't play it but almost my entire family does so I painted some pokemon-appropriate nails:
So there we go. Gotta catch 'em all! Just maybe be careful where you're walking while you do!!

Monarch Butterfly Take Two

Did this photo ever make it to the blog?? I can't quite remember! It's from back when I did my blue monarch butterfly nails in honor of Muhammad Ali. The blue chipped a couple days in but the accent nail still looked great so I decided to just paint the other nails orange-y pink and call it a day. Super easy to do and yet it seemed like a brand new design.

Birthday on Broadway, Baby

Some excitement for the post today: I got to see some bright lights in the big city! Try reading that without singing BRIGHT LIGHTS AND THE BIG CITYYYY to yourself. Also, I fulfilled another of my 101 in 1001 list items!
This past Saturday my buddy and I visited NYC to see Aladdin and grab some dinner to celebrate her birthday. Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies and to get to see it on Broadway was really really neat.
 And these are the nails I painted (technically after the show):
It is from the producer of The Lion King and stars Adam Jacobs (as Aladdin), James Monroe Iglehart (as the Genie), and Courtney Reed (as Jasmine). The show and music is definitely "Genie-us" as described on the website and I would highly recommend it to EVERYONE.

After the show we headed to Wolfgang's for dinner and just chatted for a bit. It was a really good time and a nice escape from working, wedding planning, and house hunting.
Have you ever seen a Broadway show?? Which one?

Bridal Expo: Andrew and Nikki Style

Tonight Andrew and I tried to get a little wedding planning done and attended a local Bridal Expo at a catering company. We already have a caterer because it's included in our venue package but it was nice to get to talk to the various other vendors in attendance, including photographs, florists, etc. We even got to have some dinner in the form of hors d'oeuvres (our favorite) and the best part? You were given tickets at the door to put into various little bags on teh vendors' tables. At the end of the night they picked on the tickets and you won something. Well, our card got pulled at the Tuxedo rental vendor (which also does photography and DJ so that's one stop shopping)! We "won" two free tuxedo rentals! How cool is that??

Paul McCartney in Concert

Had a bit of fun tonight because Paul McCartney (aka one of the Beatles) came to put on a concert in Philadelphia and the future-Mr. and I had tickets to go! The last time we went was in 2010 (and I blogged about it) and it was completely incredible so I was really excited to get to see him in concert again. He was here last year but I couldn't go because it was Father's Day and I spent the day with my Dad instead. Andrew went with his buddy and I was jellyyyyy. Anyway, here are the nails I painted for Sir Paul!
Seriously, if you enjoy Paul McCartney's music you should absolutely go see him in concert. He puts on a completely fabulous show.

A Bit of Saturday Serendipity

Have you ever experienced serendipity?

I totally did while at a farmer's market with my buddy last weekend. We were there to look for some wedding decorations for her wedding (the theme is officially "Urban Garden" by the way, so think rusty wheelbarrows, watering cans, etc). The market is kind of just a large yard sale so I didn't think I'd find anything for me (but we did find a wheelbarrow and ladder for her--can't wait to blog about that wedding). While we were walking around, and amidst all the joint wedding talk (a little about mine too), I happened to notice a book sitting on a table as I walked by.

Lo and behold, I found a book that has been sitting in my Amazon cart for MONTHS. What book? Well, I am a big fan of Rachel Brathen, aka "Yoga Girl", a Swedish woman who is currently living in Aruba and who has become a yoga teaching sensation and inspiration. You should look her up on her website or on her Instagram. I was watching an interview with her where she talks about what inspires her and such and she mentioned The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Ever since then I have wanted to read the book just to see what she was talking about. Ok, so going back to the farmers market...I looked down and there it was! The Power of Now staring back at me. A beautiful hardback version, too. So I grabbed it in about 0.002 seconds and when the woman shouted over to me "It's only $1" I was basically putting the book in my purse already. I handed over the money and walked away utterly gleeful that I had put off buying it from Amazon.

Fast forward a bit and I started reading it. On page 4 it says "I trust that this book will find its way to those who are ready for such radical inner transformation so act as a catalyst foro it. I also hope that it will reach many othes who will find its content worthy of consideration, although they may not be ready to fully live or practice it" jaw hit the floor. The book find its way! I can't wait to see everything it has to say.
This might be the first book I've read since law school but I'm enjoying it already. And hey, it even came with a matching yellow bookmark.
So,have you ever experienced serendipity?

Friday Favorites: July

I have been waiting for this post since I snapped these photos on Sunday. So yes, I've been planning this post for 1,2,3,4,5 days! It's been a while since I posted a Friday Favorites here (did I even think post a Friday Favorites for June?? I don't think so...)  Where is the time going?? These are a few of my current favorites:

These adorable black flats. Or really any black flats...
How cute are the little locks? They match the bag I use for work too so that's a plus.
 I also think I have a minor shopping problem...

This adorable present.
Andrew's niece turned TWO at the end of June so we all had brunch and mini party for her. She doesn't know Andrew or I because she never sees us so it was kind of awkward when she wouldn't come near us but are kids. Of course, her being afraid of me will make for a very interesting flower girl at my wedding...great.

The future husband and I have been searching high and low for our perfect first home. We love going to open houses, seeing all the different layouts, and figuring out whether we like it enough to put in an offer. It's very exciting!
 What are your favorites right now??

Swatch: Sally Hansen - Dabbler

Can I just say, Sally Hansen is quickly turning into one of my favorite brands? Does anyone else agree? The formula is amazing and the dry time doesn't leave me sitting on the couch watching the third episode of Gilmore Girls in a row just because my nails are still wet. Wait, I'd watch the third episode even if my nails are dry. Anyway, I picked up two Sally Hansen polishes when I was in Target the other day and they were EXACTLY what I was looking for. Below are some swatch photos of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in the color, Dabbler.
This color is pretty Perhaps we have a bridesmaid gown color on our hands here. Haha, ON our HANDS. Lol, pun intended! Thoughts on this color? Do you like Sally Hansen?

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to my American visitors!! I'll be adding more to this post later BUT for now here are my nails!
EDIT: As promised, here are some firework photos we snapped during some Fourth of July fireworks. The town to our east puts on a community firework show for its residents and nearby neighbors and it is probably one of the nicer displays I've seen.
Unfortunately, my hometown's fireworks got canceled because it ended up raining but we did get to go to a firework show around us. All in all not a bad time. Do you see any fireworks??
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