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Ghila over at The Beauty Travelista recently tagged me to complete a What I Got for Christmas post and I have to admit I absolutely adore the idea -- I love peaking at people's stuff (I get ideas of things I would like and things to get other people). So here are some of the goodies I was spoiled with this Christmas. Shall we do nail related things first??

These are a mini haul of Christmas polishes I actually bought for myself. Ulta had a really great deal on Black Friday and I couldn't resist! What's a girl to do?! I also had to pick up some polishes from Target and, of course, that Bottle Service by Formula X at Sephora.

Then, my sister and new brother-in-law (wedding recap here) spoiled me with these goodies:
I love the adorable little pouch because I use them in my purses to protect my purse from spills/leakage, and the fact that it's highlighter yellow is just amazing. It's the perfect gift. And then there are those adorable lemur socks and mini Eiffel Tower eraser...adorable! Then, of course, her and Matt spoiled me with even more polish -- a very OPI Christmas! I can't wait to try the OPI Color Paints! Steph also gave me an adorable "Sisters" ornament that I had put away with my Christmas tree by the time I took this picture. :(

My parents spoiled me with some MORE goodies (unfortunately I didn't put them all in this photo):
Basically they must have seen my December Wishlist because a lot of that was under the tree--plus much more! CRAZY. Gifts included a mortar and pestle (see I told you I love to cook), a wide angle and super macro camera lens, an EOS lip balm, two arm bands with lights (for running in the dark), and a wireless adapter for my camera. They also spoiled me with a TON of nail polish (only two made it into this picture because I had put the others away by the time I took this photo), a planner calendar, a tripod, Snoopy PJs (alright I'm about 5 years old), and a padfolio. I love everything and will definitely use them all :) Thanks mom and dad if you're reading this! You're too generous!

My broski was also super thoughtful and knows of my nail polish/nail art addiction. Plus, I may have hinted that I wanted a stamping plate with a champagne bottle image so he gave me this adorable stamping plate from Winstonia.
Ha, I didn't realize it was "Wedding Bliss" until just now. A few buddies of mine are engaged right now (remember this post) so I can do wedding appropriate manicures with the other images!! Yay!

And naturally my sweetheart gave me some sweet gifts I love:
He knew that I printed about 500 photos recently from all our adventures so he gave me a photo book for me to put them in. He also gave me a padfolio (I had been borrowing his on interviews), my annual Paris calendar, and not one but TWO tripods for my camera. As for my nails, he spoiled me with the Winstonia First Generation stamping plates (obsessed with!), and white and black stripers. My favorite gifts though have to be the cooking and food-related ones: a giant pepper mill, a pink Himalayan salt grinder, and a salt box. We enjoy cooking together so these are perfect additions to our kitchen set up. The peper mill is like....18 inches long so it makes me feel very intense when I use it. If you're reading this, thank you my sweets, I love you and appreciate all the goodies!

And then Andrew and I went ornament shopping after Christmas when there were beaucoup sales and ended up with one too many:
How cute are some of these? All 50% off!!

So now to get back to the "Tag" part....I tag everyone! I want to see what Santa (or whoever) brought you for Christmas. Leave a link to your post in the comments below (and I can be nosey)!


  1. Nice gifts! I like very much the OPI nail polishes :D

    1. I can't wait to swatch them! Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. yey you did this!!!! sooo happy and flattered to be nominated in your blog and that you took part to my tag! so fun looking through your goodies! that second whim polish, the black one with some gold to it looks to die for, i litterally can't wait for the swatch of it! Steph & Matt have been so thoughtful in getting you that tour eiffel ereaser, since you love paris and nail art so much! but a. gifts are the most adorable bunch! so different! i want to adopt that lil elf ornament!

    1. Of course I did it :) And I'll have to make that polish one of the first that I swatch in 2016!

  3. So many wonderful things :)
    I LOVE OPI nail polishes and I wish I could get my hands on some of the OPI Color Paints polishes :) They seem wonderful :)
    I need to try and stay away from buying more nail polishes... for a while *yeah not gonna happen* :D
    I actually did do a Christmas gifts haul but I just showed beauty related items :)
    My birthday is really close to Christmas and I also did a Birthday gifts haul
    Since you wanted links I will leave links to both haul posts :)
    1) http://shortylegsbeauty.blogspot.fi/search/label/Christmas%20Gifts
    2) http://shortylegsbeauty.blogspot.fi/2015/12/another-collective-haul-birthday-gifts.html

    1. Excellent! I will check out both of those links! You have a double whammy having your birthday so close to Christmas and I can't wait to check out your goodies!

      Also, I should probably keep out of the nail polish store too....too bad I won't!! Hahaha, I have no self control!! ;)


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