Plenty of Pompeii + Climbing Vesuvius

Our second day in Naples was filled with a trip to visit what was one of the most astonishing places I have ever been. Pompeii was no doubt a sight to behold in its heyday and continues to be even despite the very palpable history and sense of catastrophe that was with us as we explored the massive town. Walking into Pompeii it was clear that the town was so much more than rubble and overgrown grass we could see--it was a whole new world.

Signed, sealed, delivered....VOTED TODAY

For my American visitors, did you vote today?? 
As you may/should know, it's time for the midterm elections! I'll admit I'm not super political so it won't be shocking that there's not much no political debate here on the blog. I definitely don't want to change that but I will say that yes, I voted! And I even did a festive nail design afterwards. I was inspired by my presidential election nails from 2010 and wanted to try another election nail design. 

I hope you voted!

Travel Day: Rome to Naples

Okay, let's get back to recapping our adventure in Italy from September shall we? I went for margaritas with my sister yesterday and she reminded me how I sort of left it hanging after posting about our day at Vatican City. So here I am continuing on with a little bit more of our trip! Our next day was a travel day to re-position ourselves from Rome to Naples. But we started the day in Rome with time to kill before our afternoon train and we wanted to cram in some additional touristy things.

101 in 1001 Days...Part Two!

I seriously cannot believe that I'm starting my second 101 in 1001 List right now. I love making lists and I am so excited to restart on a whole new set!  I will always be grateful to Mackenzie Horan for creating the concept and sharing on the internet to inspire others.

So things didn't go as planned with my first list--I only completed 46 items--so obviously one of goals on my new list is to beat that total. Read on to see what new goals are on my new list! This is 101 Things in 1001 Days....part two!

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