Short and Sweet Tag

Today we have another tag post brought to you by Ghila over at The Beauty Travelista blog. I love watching tags on YouTube (I know I'm not the only nose-y person wondering What's In My Bag?) and I considered doing them but I'm not a Youtuber so...yeah. I tried to keep this a bit relevant to the blog (you know, nails and all) but there's also some real Nikki in there too. Here we go, the Short and Sweet Tag!

Short & Sweet Tag
So stupid:  When I paint my fingernails and then decide I want to paint my toes...ugh.
Even more stupid: DuckFeet nails! Do you remember Duck Feet nails?

Best day ever:
       Future: Is it corny to say my wedding day I hope!
      Past: The day I received my bar passage results!
      In general: Any day where something good happens to me...or any day that I have a new post here! 

On replay: Episodes of The Royals....and Food Network in general (first mentioned here). 
Totally loving: Nude polishes, stamping designs, working out with my love every night, having so much time to blog.
Never would have thought: I'd still be blogging after 6 years.
Really enjoying: Learning to cook more and blogging so frequently.
Terrified of: The sound of really loud water (like waterfalls) but only if I'm standing really close to it.
Hate: When people don't respect my choices because they don't agree with them. I also hate when my thumb nail breaks on the side!
Love the weather when: I can wear my boots and a scarf. 
Best age: Probably when I was 10-12. I was in gymnastics and had a blast. I got to be an athlete, travel places to compete, and I would even earn medals because I was damn good! Also because, you know, I wasn't stressed since I wasn't, you know, an adult.
I'm the middle row middle. 

Regretting: Those times I decided to cut my nails wayyyy down.
No time for: I have to agree with Ghila. I have no time for negativity or people who make me feel negatively about my choices/decisions.
Always hungry for: FOOOOOOOOOD! Steak and potatoes of any kind OR SUSHI! (Ghila said sushi too lol I'm just stealing her answers! But I really do love sushi!)
Always ready to travel to: France (or the nail polish store). 
So disgusting: I agree with Ghila again! People who make noise while they eat...ewwwwww! 
Pushing myself: To be a better blogger. Also, as I'm writing this my arms are sore because I worked out I guess I'm also pushing myself physically, too.
Really want to: Win the PowerBALL lottery! Jk, replace my car.
Kind of missing: Being a student. Honest!
Dancing to: my own beat?
I tag everyone!


  1. awww nikki...i absolutely LOVE this! thank you for joining me, it's awesome, so happy you picked this up and quoted me so much! honored! i have to proudly say i had sneaked you in the pic before i read your tips to locate you!!! i love tags and some subjects on youtube and i'm telling you girl: even if we're not vloggers or gurus or whateva doesn't mean we ain't gonna do tags, baby. we are who we are and we are proud of it, i wouldn't want to be a youtuber sooooooo we do what we want and we copypaste/copycat yt tags into blog style, oh yeah!!! aka: do the what's in my bag thing, do it! and i'll follow you there..

    1. Haha, I'm glad you could find me in the photo! Good eye! And I think you're right, we should do whatever we want on our blogs! After all, it is 100% our spot :) I might do the what's in my bag tag.

  2. I LOVED reading this :)
    Thank you so much for sharing :)
    I truly wish I could be a teenager again... re-do stuff I did back then.. but then again... what would my life look like now if I did that... Some things I want to change and some I would never want to change :)

    1. Isn't that the craziest thought? You know, I actually think about that all the time....what would my life be like if I changed X and Y? What would I be like? Too bad we'll never know! Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. sweet post. loving reading it :) I regret cutting my nails way down to ;)

    1. Thank you so much! :) I always get to a point where I think to myself "you know, I'm going to cut my nails down and start all over" and then almost immediately after clipping them I regret that decision and I'm just staring at them like GROWWWWWWWW!!! Lol


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