Here Comes the Bride...

...because my older sister is engaged to her high school sweetheart! After nine years together, her and her fiance (how fancy?!) are finally deciding to tie the knot! I'm so happy for them and I look forward to celebrating with them ASAP but, until then, I'm celebrating in my own way...with a lovely Engagement Mani! I will admit, I have quite a few posts up my sleeve now so make sure to check back often!!
The base is Ulta It's Nude to Me and then on the index and ring finger I painted a diamond ring and the iconic Tiffany & Co. box and bow. For the diamond ring I used Kleancolor Silver Pearl, Kiss Brush On Nail Art Paint in Silver, six Cinapro gem rhinestones, and Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond (what a fitting name right?!) to make the diamond sparkle. To make the Tiffany & Co. box and bow I used China Glaze For Audrey as the Tiffany box base and Kiss Brush On Nail Art Paint in White to create the Tiffany bow.
And now the story: Matt and Steph (pictured above--hopefully she likes this picture...I do!) met nine or so years ago at Steph's Junior Formal. Get this...he wasn't even her date! Anyway, they started hanging out and then dating and then officially became a couple on February 29th of that year (I don't even remember the year it was that long ago). Since then they've become pretty much inseparable and have done so many fun things together. They've spent weeks down the shore, visited Hawaii, rooted on the Phillies at baseball games, enjoyed eating at some delicious restaurants, watched thousands of movies, and spent countless hours together just enjoying themselves. So how did it happen? Well, I'll tell you! Steph absolutely loves New York. She loves Broadway, the delicious Crumbs cupcakes, the atmosphere the Big Apple has to offer, and, of course, Central Park. It is too perfect that Matt would ask her to be his wife in one of her favorite places in the world and he got down on one knee and popped the question (and the ring box) in Central Park by the fountain! 
The rest, as they say, will be history!! 
Congratulations Steph and Matt!

So Happy Togetherrr

It's been three whole years since the boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend :) I still can't believe how much time has passed and how much fun we've had together. I feel like I've known him forever. My nails for my anniversary are low key, just a tropical with a dotted line.
Andrew and I don't usually do anything overly exciting on our anniversary. This year he's coming in and we're going out to dinner. For every anniversary Andrew spoils me with for every month we've been together. To be completely honest I don't think I've ever seen three dozen roses in one vase before! As tradition goes, I make sure to pick out my favorite one (usually the first to bloom/the largest to bloom) and snap a picture. It was so hard to choose though because they're all so beautiful!! I think these are the biggest roses I have ever been given.

 I can't see me lovin' nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue
For all my life

Layered Magic and VDay Stencils

Number 1: I think this is the very first time I'm posting a layered manicure on this my blog. I've seen other nail bloggers layer polishes before but I've never paired two of my own polishes together to try it as a manicure. For this I layered Zoya Natty and Jordana Blue Chrome. I think the color that resulted is gorgeous!

Number 2: I tried out the Valentine's Day stencils (yeah I know Vday was about...2 months ago) my mom gave me as a little surprise. I love these little babies. There were two sheets of stickers full of hearts, lips, "I <3 U" and other words. I tried the lips and two of the heart stencils over my layered Natty/Blue Chrome manicure.

Can't say I like the idea of a sponge bath...

But I can say I love the look of sponging my nails! I had painted my nails completely white to swatch my new Zoya Snow White (which I forgot to take pictures of so now I'll have to repaint my nails plain white YET AGAIN, haha) but I didn't want to leave it that plain. Then I was going to do a gradient mani but I only wanted to use two polishes in the manicure. Voila, an all over spongey manicure for today!  I love when my camera uses the flash to take the pictures because I just think the pictures look so much sharper against the completely black background.
 I used Zoya Snow White and Zoya Mira for this look. 
It's a super simple but really eye-catching design. Love it! 

What a pair!

A simple manicure in my favorite color: blue! I used Zoya Kristen and Zoya Natty. I LOVE the way both of these polishes dry. 

Swatch: Zoya Kristen

Today's post is a swatch post about Zoya Kristen. This polish might just be my favorite blue. It's like a gray blue, baby blue, gorgeous light blue and I love the way it dries, so glassy and thick and opaque. Zoya is very close to beating out China Glaze for the title of My Favorite Nail Polish Brand...and that's saying something. I feel like all Zoya's polishes dry quickly and are almost unbelievably chip resistant. If I'm in a hurry I will choose Zoya because it dries in five seconds. And I have to say, as a law student who generally has a lack of time, it is nice to still be able to keep my digits polished without losing a ton of time waiting for them to dry!

 Perfection in a bottle. Seriously.

And guys guess what?! I know the Presidential Election is over and all but I just found out that somehow MY NAILS were in a voting poll at the Huffington Post!! I wish I would have known about that! Looks like I'll have to start putting my blogname on all my pictures. *SIGH* So psyched to see my nails on an actual website....that isn't this blog or pinterest (although when I see my nails on Pinterest I almost die of excitement!!) I love seeing my nail designs traveling the web. It's so motivating!

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