Happy New Year: Best of 2014!

HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE! I hope 2015 brings your love, passion, fun, and excitement, and I'm thrilled to continue this blog for another year of experiences :) The year 2014 came to a close with a staggering 91 posts, the second highest amount in the 4 years I've been blogging. I was super excited to be able to go back through the year and select my absolute favorite nails of 2014! 

14. My 24th Birthday manicure from May

13. Holy Babies! baby manicure from June

12. This adorable purple polka dotted manicure from April

11. Color Smash manicure from March

10. Evil Eye manicure from March

9. My Juggling Balls manicure from January.

8. Cake Pop holo Valentine's Day mani from February

7. Steph's Wedding: Say Yes to the Dress manicure from August

6. My Peachy Keen Jelly Bean Easter manicure from April

5. Caviar manicure from February

4. Holographic Zebra manicure from February. I just loved the pizazz that the holo added!

3. The YinYang manicure I did in July when Andrew moved to Colorado for 6 months.

2. The gradient tiger manicure I did for Week 2 of the 31 Week Challenge!

And my absolute favorite post from 2014....*drumroll please*

1. My St. Patrick's Day nails from March

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  1. i had lost the say yes and the tiger manis and they are stunning!!! i wish you an amazing year honey!


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