Monday, December 28, 2015

December Nail Art Challenge: Sweater Nails (Ombre replacement)

It's not a challenge here on The Files unless I change it in some way, am I right? So for today in the December Nail Art Challenge I was supposed to do ombre nails...which you know is very difficult for me! Let us not forget this attempt and this attempt. So instead of ombre nails I wanted to do sweater nails, a design that I've seen on a ton of really great blogs around the internet. Here's what they look like:
For these nails, I used two new polishes: Formula X Intensity and Formula X Ignite. I also used one of my new Winstonia (First Generation) stamping plates (W120) that Andrew gave me for Christmas. I'll have a full Christmas haul post soon but that'll be after the new year I think.

In other news, tonight was the 6 year anniversary of me and Andrew's first date! So in order to celebrate we relaxed, watched a movie, and had a bit of champagne and homemade skillet cookie. Delicious!
There we go, next up in the December Nail Art Challenge is the finale post!


  1. Love the Christmas sweater pattern. your stamping is perfect :D

    1. Thank you so much! I was SO excited with how these turned out.


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