Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy 4 years!

So four years ago today I was perched on an overlook with my not-quite-yet boyfriend's arm around me looking over a river when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes (because he's amazing), haven't looked back since, and have enjoyed every moment that I have spent with him by my side. Ever since 2010, he has surprised me with roses on April 24th in the most thoughtful way: matching the amount to the months we've been together. I've watched the amount go from six for our six months, to twelve for our one year, to twenty-four for our two years, to thirty-six for our three years, and now I've received forty-eight (I'm not kidding when I say I had to ask him to carry two of the bouquets because I could only manage two) beautifully colored red, pink, and baby pink roses for our four years. They are absolutely gorgeous and will be a wonderful cheery reminder during the dreadful and impending finals. I can't believe I only started celebrating my anniversary with posts on this blog last year! I guess I wanted to make sure I reallllly liked him, lol.
My anniversary nails were relatively low-key but, as usual, perfect for the occasion. We couldn't go out to dinner this year because tonight was the law review banquet but at least he was able to join me as my "plus one" and we still got to spend time together on our actual anniversary. A while ago I noticed that when big things happen for me I'm usually wearing green nails so I wanted to use a summery green in the design. Also, you all know how much I love me some holo so I spiced the manicure up with some holographic goodness. I totally forgot to snap a photo of us at the banquet for the blog (I know Ghila has been itching for a photo and I love him in a suit looking and just generally when we look all fancy) but I forgot! No worries though Ghila, we have a wedding May 17th and I will be sure to snap a photo or two.
Finally, as tradition goes (also mentioned in my anniversary post last year)....I always pick my favorite rose and snap a photo. This time I included my manicure. I chose this rose because this was the first time I was given colors other than red roses. The pinks were both SO GORGEOUS that when Andrew asked me which I liked better I couldn't even give him an answer. I chose this, the deeper of the pinks, because I think the deeper pink roses are bigger than both the red and light pink. I can't wait to see how much room they take up when they're completely bloomed! I'm just worried I'll shorten their lifespan by keeping them all in the same container. I don't want to smoosh the pretty roses!
Anyway, until next year, 
I can't see me lovin' nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue
For all my life


  1. awww happy anniversary dear! this is such a cute post (i love sweet romantic readings) and the mani is lovely too. such a great tiffany color and the heart accent is just perfect. not too much but to the point! happy that you guys could be together this year on your day and the mixed colors roses are my favourites. love the champaign pic, and the rose in your hand when showing the mani. you've got the sweetest man ever! also i was excited that you remembered to mention me in such a personal and private post, thank you so much dear! in fact i have seen him in an old post pic recently, but it'll be great to see some more of you guys in your real life moments soon! is the wedding you are talking about, your sister's?

  2. Thanks Ghila! Nah, the wedding is for someone in Andrew's family. Steph's wedding is not until September 2015!


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