Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nail News: Essie Awards

Everyone knows it's award season right now. Yes, the Grammies, the Peoples' Choice Award, the Oscars.....and now the Essies. Yes, "The Essies" are becoming a thing! I was reading InStyle online today and found out that for the first time ever the Essie nail polish brand is creating their very own nail art awards this year AND it's going on RIGHT NOW!

The Essies will have multiple rounds, with the first round ending February 22nd. Visit this link or the Essie website for the rules and such. The second round ends March 28th (winners to be determined by us fans by the way!). Then there will be a third round (again picked by fans) but I don't know when that will be. The fourth and final round will be picked by judges (including Rebecca Minkoff)! I think that's in June.

As for the lucky lucky lucky winner? She (or he) will receive a $20,000(!) partnership with the Essie brand, join Michelle Saunders backstage at NYFW, and wil even be featured in Essie video tutorials!

Pretty cool, right? If you enter I can't wait to see what you do! Best of luck my fellow polish friends!


  1. That is sooo cool, I had no idea this existed at all. What an amazing prize aswell! I've never really done videos although I'm hoping to start soon, I think its a bit out of my depth! Wouldn't it be cool to see a blogger win? :O

    1. The videos is the only thing holding me back from entering. I have no clue how to shoot a tutorial-style video. I'm hoping a blogger wins, especially if its one of the talented people whose blog I follow!


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