I know so many of you have been waiting for this ever since I got the news that I passed the Bar Exam and it's now time to share!
I repeat, I am officially back in the workforce again!
I start tomorrow as an Associate at a local law firm that does civil defense litigation. How else to celebrate this auspicious moment in history (lol) but to paint my nails?! I settled on these, the simple scales of justice:
The Scales of Justice is part of "Lady Justice", the statue of the Roman goddess of Justice. She is blindfolded and holds both a balance and a sword. It's supposed to symbolize that justice/law is blind, balanced, and powerful.  A pretty cool symbol if you ask me! I should get these as a tattoo! Jk.

I don't know what this means for my blog posting schedule but I'm going to try really REALLY hard to post as often as I can and remain up to date on as many blogs as I can! Blogging is something I really enjoy (both posting on my blog and reading other peoples' blogs) and I would hate to lose it. Thank you for your support and for reading my posts even when they aren't nail related. I'm so thrilled for this new adventure and, of course, I can't wait to blog about it!


  1. Congratulations! :D That's great news!

  2. That's great. Congratulations!!!!


  3. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made it girl!!!!
    you're now a kick ass justice fighter! i have loved your reference to the statue/goddess and your nails are simple andneat yet very strong and symbolic. would u go to work with them? what manis will u wear at work? even if i can see that it's tiring and all i honestly hope that you are able to keep up with the blog too, cause i'd honestly be rather sad if you didn't. you are a big reason why i came back to blogging and why i enjoy it. hoping to gey your mail someday too. now go and conquer the world!

  4. oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I know I don't know you but I'm so proud of you!!! big fancy lawyer you!!!! =))) I do hope you will keep blogging but I totally understand if you don't have time. Yay again for you!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Gosia for your kind words! I hope to keep blogging for sure!


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