Saturday, January 23, 2016

Holo Ombre

This is just another nail design that proved way too difficult for me to capture on my camera with my limited photography skills. I used alll 6 of the Color Club holos that I have and layered them to try to make a gradient/ombre. In person, the ombre is super obvious. In the photo is a WHOLE different story. If you look reallllllly close you can see the holo transition from purple at the tip to blue to pink to orange to green. I took a bunch of photos in a bunch of different lights to see if I could capture it.
I guess that's the point of a holo though -- to have every color reflecting in each polish. Better in person for sure!


  1. oh wow nikki, seriously! in the second pic it shows for sure, no doubt about the gradient and i think this is such a unique and creative/innovative idea that i commend you to spread it all over your twitter and social networks for the world to see and for the internet to take it as a new trend, meme and viral!!! i have never been a holos fan so i don't think i have any of this kind but oh my gosh now i wish i could try this out! it sounds so easy to do yet so spectacular. it's true, holos are about rainbowy finish but i love that the gradient looks so subtle and blended and it doesn't metter if at a first glance they just look like regular holo nails, it looks eye catching anyway. this one is genious, girl!

    1. Haha, I will have to add it to my instagram! It WAS so easy to do too so literally anyone with holos can do it :)


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