Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Light 'em up!

My family My Dad always decorates our yard outside for Christmas every year. He goes a bit crazy sometimes with icicle lights on the house, red, green, blue lights in the trees, multi-colored lights in the bushes, Christmas blow-ups and all that jazz. One of my favorite things about Christmastime is being able to drive through neighborhoods and check out all the lights the people have put up. Some look really nice and others--eh, let's just say it's very festive! Anyway, for today's manicure I tweaked a French manicure by adding a string of lights. Check them out!
Shockingly, I didn't use anything as a base for these nails. I only put Orly White Out as a tip, Color Club Art Club in black for the cord. For the lights I used Color Club Art Club Red, Color Club Art Club Green, Color Club Art Club Light Blue, and Color Club Art Club Yellow. Topped it off with Orly Won't Chip. I really really really liked how these turned out!

And, before I forget, check out this tutorial for how to get these nails. I have to admit I rarely follow tutorials (I usually just give it a go and hope for the best) but JulieG makes some of my favorites, not to mention some of the most awesome designs! 

Also, I have some treats for you guys: our Christmas tree and a very festive house I passed on one of my Light Tours!


  1. A couple of things here-

    The nails look great.

    That house covered in lights was crazy and kinda makes me think that could be a fire hazard if they are left on too long.

    That's my shoulder in your pic of our tree. I would have moved over more had I known.

  2. Thank you Toesthattwinkle!

    And Steph- I know, I almost added in "that's my sister's shoulder in this picture. She had been leaning in and making funny faces maybe 2 seconds before I took the picture." and thank you :D


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