Friday, December 10, 2010

Let me see you smile!

"Smile...they're all happy to see you." *Quote from The Princess Diaries*

And I'm happy to see YOU! Yes you, everyone that stops by and checks out my little nail blog here. It's so exciting to see new followers, comments, or people from new places have stopped by to check out the Nail Files. A quick hello to those awesome blog readers who hail from Russia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the US, Germany, Turkey, the Bahamas, Poland, Japan, the UK, and every other country that has stopped by/will stop by to give NikkisNailFiles a look see. (I think look see is a phrase. Yeah.) Anyway all you people are fantastic and I love seeing others interested in the same hobby I have (painting nails of course!) Hope to see you all stopping by frequently and--dare I say--posting a comment a two? Cheers! Enough gabbing, on to the nails!
I used Wet n Wild 423B as a base with China Glaze Liquid Leather as the faces.


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