Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How many amazing movies are out in theaters right now? Ever since trailers showed up on my TV screen I counted down the days until Burlesque would come out. It's a movie musical that I promptly dragged my boyfriend along to see (on November 24th--the opening day and him and my 7 months). I'm sure he was thrilled. Ok, maybe I don't really know how he felt about it but...I loved it. It's definitely one of my new favorites and I will certainly run out and buy it as soon as it comes to DVD. I'm not sure if he noticed or not but at one point I was totally tapping a foot to the tunes, lol :D I l loved the costumes, music, dancing, and everything. Christina Aguilera and Cher did a wonderful job! 
(and since I'm studying Spanish, lol....)
So when I was thinking of how to do my nails today (and listening to the Burlesque soundtrack) I decided Burlesque inspired nails were exactly what I wanted to do. So here you go: the OPI Burlesque collection nail color Show It and Glow It as a design.
Oh yeah, and staring at him throughout the movie wasn't so bad either ;) 
All these goodies were posters found on this site here.


  1. I don't know about the movie- but I went to beauty supply stores looking for some of these polishes today- and they were all sold out :(.

  2. Aw! That's such a shame, they're so gorgeous! I was only lucky enough to snag two of them (this one and Take the Stage or something) but I wish I would have bought all the ones that were there (which I think was all of them). There's a blue glitter and a green glitter than I want so bad and two other polishes in the collection I'd like to add to my "army." I think I'll buy them when I get home for break...a welcome home present to meee :D

  3. Love the mani! I need to pick up show it and glow it but it reminds me too much of the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Rockstar pink. I love all the glitters from the burlesque collection. Simmer and Shimmer (blue glitter) and Sparkle-icious (mardi gras colored glitter)are must haves!

  4. These nails are soo pretty Nik! Love them!

    PS- Are you buying Despicable Minions next week?

  5. Thanks Steph!

    And I am not, but hmm good idea! Put that on the Christmas list? Oh and are you asking for/do you have "Here today Aragon tomorrow?" because I waaaaant it/will borrow it from you if you already have it. Also, maybe for Christmas the matte-ifier from Essie or China Glaze? I have discovered my inner lover-of-matte-polishes after my use of Orly Blue Suede. Nice. I think OPI Russian Navy (matte) is coming up in the line up (which of course I just made up in my head).

  6. and Shadow, you're absolutely right. The colors are beautiful! (and I'm not one for glitters really but these are amazing) :)

  7. I have Here Today Aragon tomorrow- both the normal one and the suede finish one.


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