Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toetally Tuesday #3 - Candy Canes

Normally candy and toe nails probably wouldn't mix too well (ick, now I'm thinking about my feet and peanut butter cups--gross) but today I think they are rather comfortable together. Or maybe they still look a little weird. What gave me this idea was Food Network's "Unwrapped," a show my roomie and I happened to turn on. They were doing a part on Candy Canes and the light bulb went off in my head.  TA-DA! Candy cane toenails for the THIRD Toetally Tuesday post:
I used New York Color Mulberry Street, Jordana Holiday Red, 
and Color Club Art Club Green. Then made it shiny with a coat
of Seche Vite!

And I've been slacking with the Hanukkah nails: 7th day I think?
Anyone else look forward to Christmas (or just the winter if you don't celebrate) for the candy canes? I can't say I'm fond of the peppermint ones but I remember my sister and I always eating all the fun flavored ones my Dad would buy. Mmmm, bubblegum was my favorite. What's your favorite candy cane flavor?

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