Monday, December 6, 2010

The North Star?

Eh, maybe not. More or less just a design really ;)

Hey everyone! Hope your Mondays weren't too bad. Monday is my least favorite day of the week what with having to go back to classes, wake up early, etc. However, it is my last week of classes before finals and for that I'm not hating on Mondays so much today. Tonights nails are kind of random but I wanted to finally use this color! Here they are:
For these simple nails I used ULTA professionals Alter Ego and a MonsterBundle plate 5 for the star in Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl.

Countdown to Christmas: 19 Days!! Hope everyone's preparations (for those who celebrate it) are going well!


  1. I have a color in my collection from Ulta with no name on it that I thought was alter ego.. but now I'm not so sure..

  2. Oh no! I hate unnamed polishes. I bought this set of mini OPI polishes from the Irre-swiss-able collection and they don't have names on the actual bottles so I have to keep them in the original container or else I'll mix them up! :o


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