Hello everyone! I hope all your holidays went well and were at least a bit relaxing. A while ago (like September) I challenged myself to swatch every color my collection and use each for a base in a design. Well, to be honest it is slooooow going but I'm working on it and today I am excited to bring you a sWATCH OUT Sunday!  In today's sWATCH OUT I have OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late and OPI Holiday Glow coming your way. Prepare for pictures! :)

First, the design, a simple yet still holiday appropriate manicure using OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late, OPI Bogota Blackberry, and Kiss Brush-On Nail Art Paint in Silver. Bogota Blackberry really reminds me of cranberries instead (maybe because it's over the gold) so I named this mani "Cranberry Gold." 
Now, some swatches of OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late. It's a brushed yellow gold from the OPI India collection that, I have to admit, looks a little funny with my skintone. It is a beautiful color though and despite it's 4 coat application to get really opaque (I blame my application skills) I really like it.
Next is OPI Holiday Glow from OPI's Holiday Wishes collection. I wasn't sure about this color in the bottle but when I put it on my nails I decided I had been too harsh. The deep cocoa base and gold flecks really popped on my nails. Brown may not be my favorite polish color but...this is definitely a keeper in my book!
See how pretty are the gold flecks?
And while we're on the topic of OPI polishes, do you absolutely love their names? I do! I'm a fan of whoever it is who names these so creatively. What is your favorite OPI nail polish name?

And on a last note: This Christmas was the Christmas of nail polishes! I can't wait to show you guys all the great colors my family got me!


  1. Holiday Glow is gorgeous. I love the red tips!

  2. Pretty nail designs Nik! Both your swatches are pretty too. Clever title!

  3. I really like Holiday Glow and can't imagine why I don't have it in my collection.


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