Monday, December 27, 2010

A CRAZE for LA Color

Today I have a couple swatches. I can't believe I'm actually working my way through my list of polishes like I said I would. It's going to take forever but it's worth it. Today's post features a set of four LA Colors polishes my sister bought me! They're unnamed so I have no idea what to call them but here are some swatches of each.

The pack is of four Metallic polishes and comes packaged like this:
It contains a pink, purple, blue/green, and silver/gray polish. 
The blue/green is my favorite (is that surprising? lol) Here's a look at it!

 Next is a pink!

 Then the purple!

 And the silver polish finally (also beautiful)!
 And the four polishes in the bottles and on my nails!


  1. I had this but they surprisingly didnt do anything for me so I gave them away in my last giveaway.

  2. How opaque are these? I always see these at the dollar tree but they look so watery!


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