Monday, December 20, 2010

You're a coco-NUT!

What do I do when I'm on break from college? I go to work. Nothing special or anything though, I'm just a waitress at a local diner but there is one extraordinary things about my job: I work 9-4. Yes, that's 9 pm to 4 am. I'm a night owl and I work "when the freaks come out" and boy do they. Then again last night was a great first night back where no whack jobs came in. Also, I did well tip wise! Cha-ching!! Here are my nails for you to enjoy :) I used a beautiful Jordana polish as a base that, though it doesn't look it in the picture too much, is iridescent and gorgeousssss. I'd never used it before and this is beautiful. I'll swatch it soon hopefully! The title to this post is appropriate only because I'm using China Glaze's Coconut Kiss. What an odd name. What a beautiful color!
So, Jordana Lilly Light as a base with China Glaze Coconut Kiss as the tips. Then Color Club Art Club in Black and White for the dotted divider and the flower. I think these may be one of my favorites so far! Top coat is Orly Won't Chip. Actually make that like 3 coats (my hands now have to withstand the force of a diner for 7 hours so...yeah) Ok, that's it for today. Steph and I are finally off for some sushi around 2:30 today and I'm getting read. I'm so excited, I've been dreaming about Mt. Fuji's sushi since before Thanksgiving when we tried to go and they were closed. Sushi may be my favorite food!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Very cute. Where do you buy Jordana polishes?

  2. I got this(and some other Jordana polishes) from my mom's collection a couple years ago. Most of my Jordana's are from there but I did just find/buy Jordana Cabaret at a local store called Beautyland (it's like a Sally's) and I think that's where she got them too. You can check out Jordana's website though if you want to see the current polishes :) They are so cheap and have an amazing formula. Here's the link if you'd like: They make such beautiful colors! Enjoy your shopping!

  3. Thanks Nikki! They're so cheap online!


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