Tuesday, December 21, 2010

☮ Peace ☮

"Peace out" may be one of the oddest phrases but peace signs are another story. For today's Toetally Tuesday (which I almost forgot *gasp!*) I decided a rainbow peace sign pedi was just what the doctor ordered. It made me smile as I was decorating the Christmas tree with my sister and brother. 
I used Ulta Professionals The Devil Wears Red as a base and then Color Club in Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Grape Escape for the different rainbow layers. The half peace sign on the top left of the nail is in Kiss Brush-On Nail Art Silver Glitter. Finally, a layer of Orly Won't Chip finished off the pedicure. The rest of the nails are The Devil Wears Red.


  1. 4 minutes to spare for making this post on Tuesday! Seeing the rainbow colors makes me think of the Skittles commercials saying "Taste the rainbow."

  2. I know, well I did almost forget. For a second there I felt a bit like The Daily Nail with the 12 o'clock deadline, lol. And you're right it does remind me of skittle commercials!


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