Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toetally Tuesday #9 - Designer Week - Juicy Couture

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! For today's Toetally Tuesday I  did continue with Designer Week! I ended up showing my tootsies some love in the style of Juicy Couture...twice. And what is more Juicy Couture than little hearts and polka dots? I thought so. The couple of inspired Juicy Couture Pedicures are: 
A little blah but...I still think it's pretty cute. I used China Glaze Second-hand Silk and The Icing gold striper (which isn't named of course) or Orly White Out. I think it's kind of funny that my toes don't match, lol.

And of course, the little bits of eye candy. These inspired my toes of today (1) because it made me think of summer, (2) I haven't worn pink in a while, and (3) I thought a little tech accessory could be appreciated by all my blogging readers. It's a very pink polka dot bathing suit and a Juicy Couture mouse and mouse pad set.

Have a juicy day everybody!

1 comment:

  1. Cute Nik! I like how you used the swimsuit and mouse pad for inspiration. And I love the polka dots.


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