Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Only 3?!

Hey guys! This post is call for help--in choosing the best 3 polishes to order from Zoya during their AMAZING "sale" (I guess you could call it that). I have narrowed it down to like 10 or so polishes but seriously I cannot narrow them down any more. What do you guys all think? Which 3? I'm thinking I might just buy 5 since their deal is so awesome I think they should get some actual business too.
I think you can click to enlarge so you can see the colors better. We've got (top row L-R): Akyra, Dawn, Robyn, Tallulah and Ivanka and then (bottom row L-R): Yummy, Ki, Shawn, Kristi and Savita. All these pictures were thrown together from swatches I found in Google images.


  1. I like Robyn, savita, Ivanka. I ordered Robyn as one of mine but I actually got 9 free I had my 2 family members order me another 3 each. I picked Robyn, Cheryl, Valerie, Crystal, Happi, Adina, Astra, Perrie, and Shivon.

  2. Great idea! I'll have my boyfriend and my Dad order me the other ones! :)


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