Toetally Tuesday #8 - Wintry Mix

Ok, maybe the title has nothing to do with the pedicure of today but it does have something to do with the weather and who doesn't do pedicures based on the weather?! Just kidding. Anyway, the weathermen forecasted a "wintry mix" for today and so I thought a mix of some colors would be perfect. On my toes are Zoya Nicole (I'm still waiting on my polishes!!) on top and Orly Blue Suede as a base. It was perfect because Zoya Nicole is a little bit sheer so you can still see the blue from Orly Blue Suede peeking through. Take a look:

My feet look so...icky in this picture. I hope everyone is doing well and having great weeks!

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  1. Nice combo!

    In other news I just gave you a stylish blogger award. :)


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