Thursday, January 27, 2011

Designer Week - Louis Vuitton Thursday

Today's manicure is a continuation of designer week: Louis Vuitton. A fun fact for you about Louis Vuitton is that the monogrammed canvas was created by Louis Vuitton's son George in 1896. Since yesterday's manicure were about the same type of colors I decided to change it up and go with the colorful pattern/white background Louis Vuitton look. Check them out:
Louis Vuitton nails
For these I used Orly White Out and Color Club Art Club in yellow, red, light blue, and green for the pattern.

Mmmm, this eye candy makes me drool.
It's called the Speedy 30. Since I LOOOOVE France and all, my sister and I have this plan of visiting after my college graduation (so about a year and some months away). Our plan gets even crazier because we want to do nothing more than walk into a French LV boutique and purchase two of these beautiful, beautiful, beautiful purses. I'm sad to say I think she might be ditching the plan and buying one this March leaving me the loner who buys one in France :( 


  1. Amazing! I've been to (but not in) the LV store in Paris and it looked huge! I'm sure it will be fun to finally get the purse, this is my favorite one too :)

  2. Love the Louie nails. I am not abandoning the plan. I will just have to buy a second one when we go there. Better start saving our money!


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